Essays on Consumer Behaviour of Emirates Airlines: Hello Tomorrow Campaign Case Study

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The paper "Consumer Behaviour of Emirates Airlines: Hello Tomorrow Campaign" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Emirates Airlines has come up with a new brand platform campaign which is being referred to as “ Hello Tomorrow” which is aimed at connecting people and cultures and is an idea that of the unlimited possibility of the future. In other words, Emirates has extended an invitation to try the unfamiliar, create new ideas and even form new vision in this campaign. This is attributed to the fact that its theme is correlated to life’ s potential and embracing the future with all the possibilities it holds.

Additionally, the magnitude of their corporate image and global marketing campaign underlines their confidence in their existing products and services and the vision for the future growth of the entire airline (Wilson, 2005). Hello, Tomorrow campaign is the vanguard of the trend for global brands to spark movements, not just do the advertising part of it, connect people, communities and encouraging them to join together and make impacts on the consumers at large. This campaign was designed by Strawberry Frog which is aimed at reaching a large number of consumers and thus it is a global strategy.

Through the increased air traffic and people becoming more mobile, Emirates Airlines has worked out to distinguish itself through a series of TV, digital and print ads that are aimed at creating an “ invitation to try the unfamiliar” (Wilson, 2005). Additionally, they are also using social media, to reach a much wider market segment by having a page that is aimed at building a stronger relationship with existing fans and even encouraging more people to become Emirates fans through interactions (Wilson, 2005).

It is also worth noting that, the new global brand platform includes a revamped website that is a reflection of the new messaging and new YouTube channels where the new TV ads can be viewed. For example in www. youtube. com/emirates and www. facebook. com/emirates, where individuals like the page. Market Group Hello, tomorrow is a brand platform that is aimed at positioning the global airline as the enabler of global connectivity and meaningful experiences. This is a part of an integrated marketing communication campaigning, which has a new brand promise by the airline, to upgrade from a travel brand to a global lifestyle brand.

It is worth noting that, the campaign is an effort to target a younger audience, which means that it is designed for the age of consumer engagement and empowerment, which is all about inspiring great tomorrow’ s unlimited potential, now. Above all, this is exonerated by the statement “ Hello” which is a greeting or even an invitation to someone, a place or experience while “ Tomorrow” meant a time or state of mind, the unlimited possibility of the future and thus it is an invitation to try the unfamiliar, create new ideas and form new visions.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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