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The paper "Consumer Behaviour Online" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing. Gone are the days when starting from cooking food until communication took hours and days. Now it is the age of the Internet an icon for the pace at which the world is running. The Internet is the medium used by a wide range of people for several functions. As days pass through more and more people are gravitating towards the Internet users with more intensity due to the easy accessibility of technology, availability of information and easy way of interaction.

(1) Marketing in current days can be defined as the management process that responsible for proper identification, anticipation and the one that is responsible for satisfying the customer’ s requirements, profitably. (2) According to the center for communication policy, online shopping is the third most popular Internet activity, immediately following email using and web browsing. Online shopping behavior can be defined as the process of purchasing products or services through the Internet. In this online process shopping, the customer when feels a need arousing goes to the Internet and search for the relevant information.

In due coarse during searching is also attracted by information about closely associated products with the felt need and naturally evaluates both and goes for the better option. Finally, the transaction is made in terms of buying a product through the Internet. Thus the online shopping attitude and consumer behavior are a psychological state. (1) With the total Internet users population growing from 1.73 million in 1993 to 110 million in 2001, more and more brick and mortar companies are entering the e-Market. The advantage of e-marketing may be considered effects made on products, services, skills, staffing, structure, system, and customer based.

But e-Commerce is different in that, here the customer decides the coarse and the volume of customer database provides to a depth of the success. In e-Market, the service providers have to face a very strict competition, as the possibility of varying the promotion is very less. So it becomes very clear that in order to survive and be profitable in online business the knowledge about potential customers and the behavioral aspects is very important.

This point is the base of the entire assignment. (Changchick & Vorkurkara, 2003) (3)Generally, analysis of customer behavior is done either by personal discussion, survey, conduction of the experiments, by simulation studies, by the usage of questioners or by simple observation. In this, I have used the selected number of observations of my own Online behavior and that of my family and friends, employing observation discussion and questions, trying to find out what all we doing and why are we doing.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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