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The paper "Consumer Behaviour Online" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing.   In this cutting-edge era, marketing planning and strategies are directed towards creating an environment to influence consumer behavior. The products and services are launched in the market focusing on the tastes and the preferences of the consumer. Product quality and vigorous advertisement have changed the way the consumer behaves. However, it is significant to identify whether policies, strategies, and plans adopted by firms do fit in the consumer’ s demands and needs and whether the methodologies adopted by companies goes in tandem with consumer’ s ultimate needs. This paper focuses on consumer behavior online, as the understanding of customer needs and wants is one of the major underpinning constructs of the marketing constructs (M Evans, A.

Jamal & Gordon Foxall, 2006). It highlights how the theories and research methods help provide greater insight into the processes underlying consumer behavior in online environments. The paper identifies two contrasting perspectives into consumer behavior related to Internet marketing mechanisms: the social values and emotional approach. 2. Literature Review According to G. Zaltman (2002) “ A great mismatch exists between the way consumers experience and think about their world and the methods marketers use to collect this information. ” Though much research has been done on the effects of the Internet, cell phones, specialized search engines, websites, etc. , to gauge consumer behavior the significance of personal, social, national and cultural aspects has yet to get equal footing.

In principle, there is a need for study in identifying attitudes and behaviors of online consumers, from the point of consumer-style, as done in three European countries and the US, using data from the DDB Brand Capital Study showed that country differences are evident on consumption style. The Internet (Gerald Zoltnan, 2000) has revolutionized the way advertising research is conducted.

From traditional research problems, such as ethics, to brand new issues, such as online advertising, every aspect of advertising research has changed to adjust to the advent of the Internet and its related technologies. Personal values research in marketing has recently received a substantial amount of attention from both academics and practitioners. This more in-depth profiling of the consumer and his or her relationship to products offers potential not only for understanding the “ cognitive” positioning of current products but also permits the development of positioning strategies for new products. Addressing the psychological view of the marketplace (Sheth, 1983) put forward the suggestion that in order to be competitive in marketing products in the 1980s, both researchers and management are going to have to if they have not already adopted this consumer-based orientation rather than one that merely focuses on product characteristics.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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