Essays on Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior, Consumer Market and Product Attitudes Report

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The paper “ Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior, Consumer Market and Product Attitudes” is a well-turned variant of the report on marketing. The global market is growing, highly competitive with increasing market competition as well as changing consumer demographics and buying behaviour. Therefore, in order to facilitate eventual market success, it is imperative to establish existing consumer behaviour as well as the expected future trends. One of the dynamically changing aspects of consumer behaviour, psychology is consumer attitudes. In this regard, a consumer attitude is described as the motivating and influencing factor that influences consumers into purchasing or re-purchasing a given product.

This report develops a critical evaluation of the fundamental aspects of the consumer attitudes influencing factors. In particular, the analysis investigates empirical research studies to establish the rowing trend and changing systems in the market. The report investigates the concept through an evaluation of five key articles by Alsirhan ad Alibeli, (2013), Samanta and Papadopoulos (2012), Yang, Liu, and Zhou (2012), Kennedy, Worosz, Todd and Lapinski (2008), and Cai, Yang and Cude (2008) respectively. 2.0 Scope and ObjectivesA research study analysis evaluates the nature and extent to which a research study investigative process extends.

In this report, the definition of a research study scope forms the basis through which a research deliverable is developed and formulated. In this report, the report scope is limited to, an evaluation of the various factors and situations influencing the consumer attitudes in the market. In this case, as a means of developing an acceptable global analysis, it evaluates consumer trends across industries and across the global market. On one hand, the report evaluated the Jordan market through the use of the study as developed by Alsirhan ad Alibeli, (2013).

In this regard, the study develops a special focus on the concept of rural-urban migration in the society and the resultant market diversity and product availability impacts on consumer attitudes. In this case, the research evaluates the extent to which the presence of a market variety, many suppliers and available product substitute affected the consumer attitudes and decision to purchase or not purchase such a product. In addition, it sought to evaluate the other market diversity factors affecting the consumers. On the other hand, the report evaluates the role and extent to which consumers’ age implicates on their attitudes.

In this case, the study developed by Samanta and Papadopoulos (2012) developed an inward perception of the process of Greek society. In this regard, the process allowed for an inward perception of the attitudes develops and change over the years. In this regard, the research scope was based on an evaluation of the extent to which the older, middle-aged and the young, generation Y attitudes in the market varied.

As such, this would form a basis through which the production and marketing strategies for the different consumer age segments could be developed and derived. In addition, the report evaluated the impacts of technology on nature and changing consumer market attitudes through the study developed by Yang, Liu, and Zhou (2012) in the Chinese market. In this regard, the study was oriented to establishing and developing the extent to which the technology acceptance model (TAM) was applicable and acceptable in the Chinese market. In particular, the study focused on the younger generation, who are the users of internet-enabled and technological advanced mobile devices.

In this regard, the study investigated the extent to which the use of technology and the probability of a viral mobile system or product and message could implicate on the consumer attitudes to positive or negative attitudes. Therefore, it examined the technology-based factors promoting a positive consumer base attitude and those promoting a negative consumer base attitude among the Chinese market youths.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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