Essays on External Factors That Prompt Tourists to Purchase Certain Products or Services Essay

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The paper “ External Factors That Prompt Tourists to Purchase Certain Products or Services” is a thoughtful example of the essay on marketing. Consumer decision process refers to a decision process which is undertaken by buyers regarding potential market transaction prior to, during as well as after buying a particular product or service. Consumers buying decisions can be grouped into economic models, psychological models, and consumer behavior models. Primarily this paper will focus on tourism consumer behavior. Understanding consumer’ s behavior patterns as well as factors, which influence their purchase, tourism firms need to fully understand when they need to take part in the process so that they can get maximum results.

Market segmentation plays an instrumental role in determining consumers buying behavior. Market segmentation entails dividing the large homogenous market into different groups of people with similar wants, needs, or demands. Market segmentation is pertinent since it helps in offering the basis for establishing a marketing mix, which will correspond perfectly with the expectation of clients in a targeted segment. This implies that market segmentation is a type of consumer classification instrumental in providing support for marketing function in a tourism organization.

Undoubtedly, segmentation is aimed at improving the work of the four Ps of the marketing mix (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place). There are several types of market segmentations that have been explained in this paper, for instance, geographical segmentation, socioeconomic segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation, behavior segmentation. This paper has also explained motivators in the decision making process in tourism, the connection between market segments and motivators, the timing of purchase decisions in tourism, determinants in the decision-making process in tourism, determinants that influence group travel, the role of travel agents in the consumer decision-making process.

The paper also explained external factors that influence the purchase of products or services, they include; social class, family, and cultural values.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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