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Consumer International The Purpose of the Website Consumers International (CI) was founded in 1960. CI is a world confederation of consumer groups that works together with its member groups and it functions as the only authoritative and independent global voice of the consumers. CI is creating a powerful global movement to assist in the protection and empowerment of the consumers everywhere. The federation is fighting for a safe, sustainable, and a fair future for all the consumers in the global marketplace because international corporations increasingly dominate the marketplace. The website seeks to raise awareness about the campaigns conducted by CI.

CI campaigns on global issues that are important to consumers everywhere. This means accomplishing actual changes in corporate behavior and government policy while at the same time raising awareness of the consumer responsibilities and rights (Consumers International, 2012). Other than raising awareness about its activities to the consumers, CI also seeks to hold corporations accountable and demands that the government actions should put consumer concerns or issues first. CI is committed to acting as the global watchdog through campaigning against behaviors that ignore, abuse, or threaten the values of consumer protection.

This is done by working together with national member organization to highlight abuses in the marketplace, get grassroots support, and influence the governments. It also acts as the global watchdog by pressing consumer issues and concerns through global bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), United Nations (UN), and the International Organization of Standardization (ISO); the concerns are raised through official representatives of the mentioned global bodies. CI is also dedicated to advancing consumer rights by creating better consumer organizations throughout the world (Consumers International, 2012).

The main purpose of the website is to raise awareness about consumer rights and responsibilities, issues facing consumers and organizations around the world, and promoting change in corporate behavior and government policy. Analysis of the Issue Selected One of the issues facing consumers worldwide is the financial crisis. Financial crisis is found on the Financial Services section of the website. Almost everywhere, consumers require access to fair, competitive, and stable financial services.

However, for a long time, abusive market practices have become the norm, and the previous global recession has not improved the situation. Restructuring of the global financial system has been the priority for international leaders to mitigate financial crisis. However, protecting banks have been given the priority over consumer protection. According to CI, the absence of consumer protection led to the recent financial crisis. The international consumer movement has given out the demands that will assist in addressing the issue. CI is of the opinion that financial education is important for the consumers of financial services.

It states that these consumers must be thoroughly equipped to tackle a complex range of choices facing them (Consumers International, 2012). The website offers thorough information about the global issue (the causes), and how the issue has been addressed by the concerned parties. It also gives recommendations on how the issue can be addressed and prevented in the future. References Consumers International. (2012). About the issue. Retrieved from http: //www. consumersinternational. org/our-work/financial-services/about-the-issue Consumers International. (2012). About us. Retrieved from http: //www. consumersinternational. org/who-we-are/about-us

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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