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The paper “ Why Consumers Choose One Product over Another" is a motivating example of a research proposal on marketing. Over the past twenty years, there has been a significant amount of research work on consumer psychology. However, most of the literature on this subject has been subjected to Western countries. Little interest has been paid to consumers’ in other parts of the world. Specifically, about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, very little work has been done on the factors influencing Saudi consumer’ s choice of one product. Consumer psychology is a subdivision of public psychology science concerned with how human thoughts manipulate how they make purchase decisions (Mazanec 1999, p. 29).

It focuses on how buyers make decisions to spend their existing capital on one product instead of another. This selection is triggered by internal mental processes based on the totality of information held by an individual (Foxall, Goldsmith & Brown 1988, p. 103). Some work has been done in this field. The psychological factors influence one’ s choice of one product over another. The experience gained through the evaluation of alternative products affects a consumer’ s existing psychological attributes (Haugtvedt, Herr & Kardes 2008, p. 255).

Different consumers have variable knowledge levels. In this research work, I outline my proposal and focus on its conceptual and psychological implications in understanding consumer psychology. I first bring in the research subject matter, followed appropriate literature. This will consist of both the conceptual and psychological perspective. This will contain my choice in relation to the relevant debates. Then I outline the research question, its potential objective plus a justification of the research subject. A research design methodology design will then follow.

I will also give a sample study and research significance. I then will draw a project timetable to highlight the project activities as per the timeframe. Finally, I will conclude my research on consumer psychology. Literature reviewThere has been mounting curiosity on how consumer psychology affected consumer’ s choice of one product over another. This debate proposed the thought of consumer psychology as the key subject of consideration to consumer psychologists (Mazanec 1999, p. 210). The research on consumer psychology focused on how cognitive capacity develops and how it affects the product choice course of action.

Traditionally, it has been understood that consumer product choice is posted cognitive. Recently, it was anticipated that two distinct systems in one’ s brain agree on the product for consumption. The challenge for the basic decision on the choice of one product over another. This simply states that product choice can affect from causes other than a cognitive dispensation. The separate systems view is contrasting to habitual one (Mazanec 1999, p. 243). These issues have surfaced in this debate and should be of interest to consumer psychology researchers. Several studies have been conducted on consumer psychology.

However, researchers have come up with different views. According to Olson (1983), a consumer’ s product choice of a product is only triggered by one’ s financial situation. He argues that a consumer’ s feelings on how much one has to spend on two related products lie mainly one’ s financial status. For example, when financially stable, it is easier for him to buy an expensive over a cheaper one. This is due to the notion that a cheap product is expensive. He goes ahead to state that; when a consumer is not financially stable he would always prefer cutting down costs by choosing to buy a cheaper product over the expensive one.

From the perspective of Waonkem (2009), he found out that a consumer’ s choice of one product over another is as a result of his or her social ties. These are factors such as family influence and the social class one belongs to. He says; a consumer’ s family members are the key influence on one’ s product choice. For example, when at a supermarket, it has been proved that most married couples influence one another on the choice of one product over another.

One’ s social class also plays a vital part in product choice. It is the pecking order in which persons are classified on the basis of one’ s esteem. Consumers who are in a low social class will likely prefer a cheaper product while those in a high one will prefer the most expensive ones. However, according to Mazanec (1999), consumers’ product choices are triggered by a combination of one’ s motivation and socio-environment he or she dwells.

That is, when one is influenced by those close to him, the next thing is determining factors like financial and the general attitude towards that product. Comparing the first two studies with Mazanec (1999) in relation to the importance of my research, I consider his theory more composed and can add a lot to my subject. He has principally divided those factors into two;

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