Essays on Consumer Relationship Marketing of Cafe Coffee Day Case Study

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The paper "Consumer Relationship Marketing of Cafe Coffee Day " is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Companies with intensifying competition are laying special stress on Customer Relationship Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics. Organizations are looking forward to including it in the management thinking process and look towards improving their image in the society. Cafe Coffee Day can expand its reach and developed its coffee variety be ensuring that they look after the society and environment and include these things in their planning process. This will help to ensure that customers are managed well and retaining them becomes easier.

Customer Relation Management will help the coffee shop to develop their strategies for the future. Purpose of the report To identify the SWOT analysis of Cafe Coffee Day To identify the target market and the different segment Cafe Coffee Day is looking to the eye To identify the manner in which consumer data in relation to customer relationship marketing is collected To provide the manner in which Cafe Coffee Day builds its customer relationship strategy to gain effectiveness About Cafe Coffee Day Cafe Coffee Day is of the renowned coffee chain which provides freshly made coffee to the consumers.

The coffee giant has been able to deliver quality coffee all around the world and has build relations with the customers which have helped them to ensure that their branches grow and quality has always been laid stress upon. The giant has over 1000 cafes in 150 different cities. (Company Website, 2010) The coffee giant has also developed its chain outside India in Germany, Pakistan, Austria, and Australia to name a few. The growing popularity of the chain and the manner it has been able to maintain quality at all its outlet has created a brand name and is helping the coffee giant to capture a good chunk of the coffee market.

Customer relationship is an important aspect which has been considered by the coffee giant and has enabled it to grow. SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis of Cafe Coffee Day will help to understand the manner in which the external and internal environment is affecting the coffee giant. The coffee chain based on the SWOT takes a decision regarding the future prospects of the company and define the manner in which it will perform. Strength Growing Preference for coffee: Large market and increasing customer base due to the preference coffee has over other beverages. Variety: Variety of coffee like cold and tea along with ice-cream attracting a different segment of customers (Ferrell, 2002) Global Brand: The chain acting as a global brand has empowered the company to be able to market its product widely.

(SWOT, 2010) Flexibility: The flexibility nature adopted in the business pattern has allowed them to grow. The ability of the company to mold itself according to the local requirements of the country has provided ample space Cafe Coffee Day was looking to grow.

This has paved the path for the company to be able to market itself. Innovation: Development of new varieties of coffee with an additional feature is attracting many people towards this chain as it has changed traditional coffee into something more refreshing. (Ferrell, 2002) Volatile Customer base: The loyalty of customers in Cafe Coffee Day is low and customers are seen to jump from one coffee outlet to another depending on their ease and comfort level.

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