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The paper "Contemporary Developments in Business Management - KFC Holding Bhd " is a perfect example of a business assignment. KFC holding Bhd (Malaysia) is a company that has its headquarters situated in Malaysia and has many subsidiaries in foreign countries such as the UK, India, Cambodia, China etc. It is a public profit-making organization-doing business in food and hotel industry. In its initial stages, KFC holding company was a private organization but after some time, it was made public by the government of Malaysia. It operates in manufacturing foods stuff and accommodation facilities such as hotels, restaurants, conferences facilities etc.

Therefore, this firm is a diversified company that serves the entire public with many services. Throughout its subsidiaries, this company operates three segments. We have restaurants, integrated poultry, and lastly, we have ancillary. Under the integrated poultry, the company operates breeder, broiler farms, feed mills, poultry processing and hatchery. The ancillary services include bakery and commissary operations. Now, this firm has 539 KFC restaurants in Malaysia, more than 80 stores in Singapore (corporateinformation. com, 2012:1). This company has a total of about 13, 217 employees employed in its segments The vision of this company is “ To be the leading integrated food services group in the Asia Pacific region based on consistency quality products and exceptional focused services. ” The mission is “ To maximize profitability, improve shareholder value and deliver sustainable growth year after year. ” (Kfcholdings. com, 2012:1).

Actually, both the vision and mission statements reveal what this company is up to, and it has always worked hard to perform the way it has stated. Generally, the profitability of KFC holding company has been improving year after year as stated in the mission statement.

For example, it reported sales of $918.84 million for the year ending 2011. Reports reveal that this was a 10% increase as compared to the previous year 2010.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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