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The paper "The Impact of Web Analytics on E-Commerce" is a perfect example of a business assignment. As the world grows to a global village, e-commerce has become more important now than ever. It has been identified by organizations as a vehicle through which they can generate revenues, strengthen customer relations and brands as well as a vehicle for ideas and information trade. Increased use of the internet and improved IT infrastructure has been a major driving force in the adoption of e-commerce. The application of e-commerce by business is not only important but a necessity as well.

Bearing the importance of e-commerce in the current business world, web analytics has not been without impact. Web analytics is defined as the measurement or assessment of website usage by the visitors and customers of that website with the aim of identifying the general visitor experience for the purpose of identifying the extent to which an organization’ s objectives for setting up the website have been achieved (Peterson, p.12). Web analytics is also applied in the measure of the extent to which a company’ s website complements its designed strategy.

The information applied in the assessment is collected by following scientific procedures inclusive of testing, experimentation and measurement. When accurately determined and applied, such information is important in enhancing the achievement of organizational objectives and business goals (Peterson, p.14). The ultimate goal of web analytics is enhancing the optimization of business success factors as indicated by generated results rather than the mere analysis of websites. This can only be achieved through the alignment of analysis and metrics with business vision and the strategic goals of the organization.

The increasing importance of e-commerce in the current business world calls for organizations to seek for best measures to ensure that their application of e-Commerce is not only efficient but relevant to target customers as well. This paper addresses the impact of web analytics from three perspectives namely; management, technological and organizational perspectives.

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