Essays on Contemporary Management : The Impact Of Security On E-Commerce Assignment

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The impact of Security on E-CommerceExecutive Summary E-Commerce has become the central element in the contemporary business environment. It has become the in thing for virtually every company because it has become prudent to have an online presence. E-commerce services present quite a number of benefits both to individuals and organizations. For instance, through e-commerce, customers can now purchase goods online without having to physically going to the store. This helps the customer to save time and cut cost incurred in travelling to the stores. Generally, e-commerce has greatly simplified almost all business operations.

However, security has been a major issue affecting e-commerce. Cyber criminals have discovered ways of breaking into networks to obtain crucial information belonging to the customer or organization. Several cases of cyber crime have been reported in the past and this has negatively affected e-commerce. This paper therefore, discuses the impact of security on e-commerce and presents ways of dealing with the problem of security. Introduction Since the advent of industrial revolution in the mid 19th century there has been surge in technological improvements cutting across all facets of human necessities (Evan, 1997).

There have been innovations and improvements in agricultural equipments and processes, communication, health, entertainment among other fields that have become beneficiary of technological advancement. The fundamental element that spurs these technological revolutions is the dynamics and the fast changing lifestyles of people in societies characterized by limited resources, increasing population and basically emergence and evolvement of new challenges in societies that needs to be addressed hence shoving societies to look for means to solve using technology (Evan, 1997). One of the major advantages of the Internet is the facilitation of e-business.

E-business entails the passage of business information around the world using the Internet. Nowadays, the Internet has enabled the carrying out of business transactions online. Individuals can place orders online and pay to receive products or services. The online business has led to many shoppers to avoid going to marketplaces for transactions thereby allowing them to engage in other productive activities. The consumers find it possible to transact online because of the wide range of goods and services that can be delivered to their homes within the shortest time possible.

In addition, the Internet has enabled online banking, employment search, and online purchasing of tickets, among other essential services. DiscussionGenerally, e-Commerce has become the central element in the contemporary business environment. It has become the in thing for virtually every company because it has become prudent to have an online presence and many brands do not have associated mortar and bricks presence (Kalakota, and Whinston, 2007). Business to business transactions is also applied in the e-commerce mostly between distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers. It is now possible through the online retail space to acquire numerous models adoptable to retailers.

All along, it has been the tradition that the bricks and mortar presence has been kept different by the web presence limiting transactions to buying online and also delivery of goods and services. The presence of the e-commerce services is vital because it helps in the researching for a product that a client intends to purchase. It has helped clients to view the products while the product is still in store (Gregory, 2009).

Since the surge of new models like purchasing of products online and picking up of the product from the stores has been a result of the trend towards the multi channel retail, which has made it of great relevance to the services industry through the e-commerce systems. Customers can get to retrieve their bank statements online, also there is the online banking and brokerage which is also of great significance to the customers since they are able to pay credit card bills, transfer funds, buy and sell securities, apply for the approval for new mortgages also they can acquire information and also financial guidance online (Gregory, 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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