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The paper "Airstar Inc Corporate Leadership " is a perfect example of a business assignment. The purpose of this report was to analyze the situation of Airstar Inc. and then provide recommendation on how performance and efficiency can be enhanced in the company. this analysis has established that decline efficiency and performance in the company is founded on three leadership related issues. The leadership issues include lack of organizational structure, lack of adequate communication structure and lack of good organizational principles. All these issues have led to insanity in leadership in the company where company goals and objectives can no longer be aligned with individual tasks as many of the directors seem to lead from different scripts.

To help solve the problems and help the company return to its performance, different recommendations which include a review of the organizational structure, communication structure and refreshing on good organizational principles have been proposed. This is important in ensuring that the right organizational structure is created where communication can be supported and company tasks well defined in relation to organizational goals and objectives. Introduction The biggest challenge many companies and other organizations face in the contemporary management society is how to make sure that there is a ‘ true balance’ between the shareholder value and the work environment which actually attracts the full commitment and utilization of the human resources and capital.

The success, growth and sustainability of the company to a greater extent depends on the company’ s ability to mentally involve its workforce in working towards realizing its goals and objectives. To ensure impact and effective leadership at levels including the corporate and individual level then enduring and meaningful leadership must start from the top (Werkman 2009).

This is because the top management is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that vision, mission and company goals are made clear to the staff and the role of each manager well defined. Focusing on individual leadership in any organization is not likely to do any good for the business as it will not be easy to support the organizational culture, processes, policies and systems. Corporate leadership is therefore important in ensuring that the organization is always changing in line with the ever-changing business landscape (Steyn 2003).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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