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Organizational Change and InnovationIntroductionIt has come out to be evident that today’s organizations are keeping themselves much more open to continuous innovation, so as to survive in today’s world that is full of stiff competition. The business world, has really opened itself to embrace newer technologies and newer ways of doing things and this has really increased competition (Singh 2004, p. 51-58). Most business organizations have been forced to embrace certain changes and innovation practices, so as to keep relevant in today’s business world that is quickly evolving (Dehning & Stratopoulos 2011, p. 34-42).

It is evident that external forces, such as globalization new information technologies have played significant roles in transforming today’s business practices. Globalization has increased the sharing of knowledge between sellers, as well as, buyers and thus, this has influenced both the buying decisions that consumers make, together with the selling decisions that producers make. Organizations have been compelled to embrace certain changes that are necessary for them to survive in today’s competitive edge. Often these changes and innovation are carried out by the organization, so as to create a competitive edge with respect to their core competitors (Brownand & Vessey 2011, p. 41-57).

Therefore, change and innovation remains to be part of the key function of human resource managers, for they have to come up with new policies and/or innovations that are aimed at improving the quality of work processes and boosting the output of the organization. Human resource function of an organization is talked to embrace relevant changes, in its policies and strategies that should be able to increase the efficiency of an organization. This efficiency is arrived at when there is the use of minimal cost to get the maximum output that can be arrived at through embracing innovation, and change that will make the products be attractive to customers thus, increasing sales (Oliva 2008, p. 45-53). It is evident in today’s business practice that without sufficient strategies to outdo competition in the market; then the business can run out of the market.

This is why the human resource managers would not just embrace change and innovation just to progress the organization, but they would do so for the survival of the business amidst tough competition from competitors.

The global business practices are evolving due to the impacts of factors, such as globalization, new marketing avenues such as the social media, which is picking shape, e-business trade and other new forms of business practices that are as a result of the change in times, and in the needs of the people. Today an organization particularly the business organization cannot survive without giving priority to key external factors that eats up the business, such as competition. There are so many ways that managers can use to deal with competition, however, one of the most efficient ways of dealing with competition is through embracing innovation and effecting necessary changes, such as change in technology so as to outdo the competitors existent in the market.

It has become very important for human resource managers to embrace changes that would boost the organization to the next level, amidst the challenges that it may encounter.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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