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The paper "Fast Forwarding Company - Continuous Improvement Process" is a great example of a management case study.   Fast Forwarding (FF) is a Melbourne based courier company that was started 5 years ago. The company started with 5 staff and with a clear improvement strategy that has seen it expand tremendously within a short term to grip the Australian courier market. Swot Analysis Strengths As reflected by the fast market growth and business development, FF is anchored on a viable development strategy underpinned by clear goals and objectives. The fundamental base of strength is in the loyalty and highly motivated employees that continually pursue the fulfilment of company goals.

Proper implementation of organizational policies and procedures that have allowed them to spread the reach of the company to a broad range of clientele base has been a great source of strength. Weaknesses Despite providing the cornerstone of FF’ s fast growth and development, the company growth and development policy have been the source of long-term witnesses. Although the strategy provides for continual dispersion of company information within the working teams, lack of a structural expansionary format to accommodate improved capacity (Plenert, 2011) buttresses the weaknesses currently holding the company at ransom.

Lack of a clear evaluation and monitoring mechanism has derailed the organization’ s ability to address external factors that integrate with the internal parameters to influence performance. Opportunities Considering the fast growth recorded by FF, it is imperative that a continuous improvement process that is informed by evaluation and monitoring offer great opportunities. A monitoring process would report operational needs and provide for remediation and improvement at the right time. A reviewed communication structure would provide an opportune chance for the company to remediate and maintain the highly motivated human resource that is the basis of growth. Threats Continued lack of a monitoring unit and failure to review the growth and development strategy expose FF to a great threat of losing business to competitors of new entrants.

Lack of an online service platform (Website) and e-business program is a high-risk component for FF. An employee complains about two-way communication can escalate into resistance against operational changes hence a threat to the business. Part A: Continuous Improvement Policy and Procedure Introduction The operations of Fast Forward are based on the company mission statement, goals and core values.

The operations are anchored on the desire to deliver services efficiently and effectively in order to meet clientele needs and that of other stakeholders. Continuous improvement of operational processes is at the core of FF sustainability in growth and development. FF will continually undertake quality and evaluation of all operations to ensure standards are maintained to the expectations of the clientele and employees. Continuous Improvement Process Fast Forward will use the following processes and strategies to continuously enhance performance: 1. Customer Satisfaction Surveys FF will provide feedback and complains collection platform for analysis and remediation for continual service improvement.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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