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12, 08, 2010IntroductionIn our daily academic studies and beyond, both private consultation and group discussions are part of our lives. This discussion however will focus on the relevance of group discussions especially in our studies. It is somewhat obvious that there are a number of advantages of group work and its disadvantages (Wageeh 2009). In order to establish the option that has more weight, it will be of essence to discuss the merits and demerits of each option. Many English speaking schools both local and international have adapted group discussions as part of their curriculum, the main reason for this development was mainly to promote student interaction which improves their language skills in both writing and talking (Long 2005).

In most cases, students improve their writing and speaking of English as a result of symposium with other students. This is evident in most English speaking countries as compared to Asian countries. This discussion is thus aimed at bringing out the option that has more weight as compared to the other. Benefits of group workGiven the fact that each individual has their own strengths and weaknesses when grasping facts in classroom, discussing issues learned from class gives us an opportunity to get what we missed and also give others what we have.

This opportunity will pass by if regular discussions are not done. A good example in this case is mathematics discussion, since mathematics require practise and further reasoning, it is always recommended to discuss mathematical assignments once assigned in order to increase our understanding scope (Trotzer 2006). The other advantage of a group discussion is the fact that one is able to learn new ideas and new approaches on several academic issues imperative in class performance.

According to Zastrow (2009) it is also in discussion groups that we gain confidence in our ability and also strengthen our communication skills which will be in practice after completing our University studies. The department of marketing in any company or institution requires good command of communication skills, communication skills are acquired from practise and involvement of group discussion over a period of time. Private and independent studies are not enriched with communication skills, idea sharing and co-ordination common in organizations outside the college life.

These facts prove that school and college discussions provide us with skills necessary in facing our everyday lives (Gee 2005). The other vital merit of group discussions is the fact the individuals can be assigned different tasks creating what can be called specialization, this is not there in individual study. In the outside world, as an example, the manufacture of a computer is as a result of combined efforts from different individuals, the hardware and the software part of the computer manufactured in different areas.

Microsoft Corporation is the main manufacturer of computer software products such as the Ms Office, the Operating System such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. On the other hand, computer hardware parts such as the processor are manufactured by Intel Corporation. The Motherboard and the processor are all mainly manufactured by Intel Corporation. This example shows how specialisation which was started in schools plays a critical role in the field (Liebmann 2004). This explicitly shows how cooperation that developed from discussions plays a critical role in uniting different companies to develop the same product; this could not have been possible in a situation where individuals worked individually.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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