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The paper "Change Management at BAE Systems Saudi Arabia" is a delightful example of a case study on management. BAE Systems Saudi Arabia is a subsidiary of BAE Systems Inc which is a high technology multinational firm based in the UK dealing in defense, security, and aerospace services and products. Growth in this industry is predominantly driven by technological innovation and the need for enhanced global security. Developed and emerging economies especially in Asia are the major clients for what this industry has to offer. Such high technology firms are faced with a changing global environment which implies that they have to embrace and manage change effectively if they are to remain competitive in the 21st century.

This paper presents a conversation report from an interview session held on 3rd April 2012 with Naif M Al Moammar, a Senior Project Coordinator - Change Management at BAE Systems Saudi Arabia and a personal reflection on the assignment. Conversation What is your role in as a senior project coordinator in change management at BAE Systems and how long have you been at it? As my title suggests, I coordinate a number of projects carried out by a number of teams intended to bring change at BAE Systems Saudi Arabia.

I have four teams that report to me and whose projects I manage. These teams fall under four different departments. As such, some of my specified tasks are: 1) creating and executing project work plans and revising them to meet any arising requirements, 2) Managing resources in conjunction with functional managers, production and sub-contractors, 3) Managing day-to-day operational aspects of projects and scope, 4) Effectively managing project risks through mitigation planning, 5) Monitoring and reporting on schedule and cost, margins and profitability, 6) Effectively applying Project Management methodologies on the teams assigned, 7) Preparing for engagement reviews and quality assurance procedures among other roles.

Besides these formal roles, I must ensure that the teams’ efforts are in congruence with the organizational goals and objectives. I have been acting in this capacity for over four years now.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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