Essays on Coporate Governance&Business Ethics Assignment

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1.0 IntroductionThe company has been in operation for over nine decades now. The company can be traced as back as the commencement of the aviation industry. Even though the operating environment has been challenging, the company has been equally up to the task. The company is based in the United Kingdom where it’s headquartered next to the city of London. The company is established in its own town which is self-sufficient in terms of social services and infrastructure. There enough shops and restaurants and concert hall within the town.

The company infrastructure is well connected with good communication systems that use post-modern technology. British Airways (BA), over years has continued to enjoy greater presence across the globe and more especially in Europe. BA is a very strong brand and is recognized by air travelers across the world. This has real boosted the company business and consequently better returns on the owners’ investments (Corporate social responsibility report 2011). The company’s policy is to remain committed to attaining high levels of standards of corporate. More importantly, the company board of directors is answerable to the company stakeholders with regard to governance.

As part of ensuring that the company is effective in its corporate governance, it has adopted an Act which provides the list of what is expected of each stakeholder and more especially the company board of directors. According to the Act, the company is expected to account on how it utilizes the Combined Code of the Act and at the same time ensure that it is applying the provisions of the Code. In addition, the Board is expected to provide good governance by demonstrating high of competence in entrepreneurial leadership within the provided framework and internal controls (Podsakoff & Bachrach 2000).

More important, at BA, stakeholder engaged is highly recognized given the role it plays in realizing the long-term goals of the company. A good example is demonstrated from the company’s regular contact with other larger institutions through the investor relationships where the executives of respective companies meet to discuss on important business. These forums also provide room for comparison of different ideas on which good corporate governance and leadership can be realized within an organizational setting (Corporate governance statement 2009).

With regard to Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the company appreciates that this is the most important consideration that must be taken into the business plan. Even though there have been economic challenges for the company, the company is committed to securely some of its resources for utilization in CSR. Important point is that BA has been on the forefront among the airline companies in developing very ambitious plans with regard to CRS and more especially in managing carbon emissions and ensuring effectiveness in its reduction.

The company is also geared towards managing and reducing noise pollution and recycling of used gadgets in order to minimize their disposal to the environment. In general, the company’s CSR approach is based on environmental management and it’s aimed at minimizing the impacts of the business to the environment. The key CSR for the company is to make sure that the company is able to attain of level of management in climate change, waste management, air quality and aircraft noise as well as fuel efficiency.

In addition, the company CSR is interested in providing humanitarian and financial support to different community initiative programmes both within and outside the country. The other aspects of CSR that the company has continued are in relation to marketplace and workplace management (Corporate governance statement 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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