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1.0 Introduction The copyright law is a legislation which seeks to protect the original works of an individual, intellectual property, creative work or any other individual work from unauthorized use by third parties. Ideally, the copyright law holds that an individual should be able to benefit from his/ her works without being disadvantaged by other people who want to take advantage of his/ her works and use them for their own use (US Government 9). Some of the instances whereby the copyright law comes in hand includes: restricting the authorized production music records (piracy), the authorized copying of parts of whole published works, the stealing of ingenious ideas e. g.

the design of something amongst others. A copyright law protects a given work within a specific period of time owing to the fact that no one can own knowledge in eternity. The following paper will take a deep insight into the United States Copyright law, with a special focus on the copyright case Warner Bros. and J. K. Rowling versus RDR Books. 2.0 Background Information About the caseWarner Bros. and J.

K. Rowling versus RDR BooksThe Warner Bros. and J. K. Rowling versus RDR Books was a very famous case owing to the subject of contention. In the case development, the RDR books had attempted to publish a for profit book which provide a guide to the Famous Harry Potter fiction by J. K. Rowling and based on The Harry Potter Lexicon, website whose movies are directed by Warner Bros. As a result of this, the Warner Bros. and J. K. Rowling sued RDR Books for an infringement of the copyright on Harry Potter’s fiction (Patterson 1).

According to Warner Bros. and J. K. Rowling, the proposed publication relied so much on the Harry Potter’s fiction, having numerous pages taken out from the original books, paraphrasing of several arguments in the original fiction, and characterizations which resembled those in the original fiction. Owning to the fact that the proposed publication was a for profit one, it was viewed that RDR books were using someone else’s idea for commercial purposes, hence raising a question as to the legality of their actions. As pointed out earlier, this report will discuss the US Copyright law with respect to the case identified above.

In the discussion of the law, several subtopics will be discussed as indicated below. 3.0 Analysis of the US Copyright LawThe United States copyright law is protected by the constitution under the Federal Statute. The copyright law is constituted in the Copyright act of 1976 which restricts the unauthorized copying of someone else’s authored work. On this point, it is important to distinguish between a patent and a copyright. A copyright protects a work which is authored; that is a recorded work may it be in digital or print form while a patent protects an idea (Bushell 1).

For instance, a copyrighted book may be discussing about a patented idea about making a bio fuel. With respect to the Warner Bros. and J. K. Rowling versus RDR Books case which is under reference, Rowling has a copyright to the book which she has written on Harry Potter while the Warner Bros. have a copyright on the movies directed based on Harry Potter the fiction.

This section will analyze some of the major aspects of the US Copyright Law.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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