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Corporate and Global StrategyIntroduction The business strategy in organizations is very important within the present competitive pressure under which various businesses seem to be. As one of the main areas of administration in organizations, strategy can be perceived as a hierarchy illustrating the organizational structure of multidivisional corporations whereby corporate strategy provides the broad direction: in regard to the scope and choice of business segment that the organization will follow, whereas business strategy is a formulation on how a business unit plans to compete within its particular business area (Williamson 2005).

This report aims at conducting a strategic analysis of British Airlines which is an international company. After analysis of the company as well as strategic position of British Airlines, the report identifies and examines one business unit of the company, in this case, Resource Based View of British Airlines. In addition, the report will evaluate the strategic choices of the company and make recommendations. Introduction to the companyBritish Airways is a renowned and established business within the airline industry. It is the United Kingdom’s largest international scheduled airline.

It a market leader and most preferred firm for the quality of its services. British Airways is the UK’s largest airline firm as well as one of the largest companies worldwide. It business operations are in London with considerable presence at Heathrow, Gatwick and London City. British Airways runs one of the most widespread international scheduled airline route networks, along with its codeshare and franchise collaborators. British Airways has flights to more than 550 destinations in the world. According to the company, in the year 2008/2009, more than 33,000,000 passengers travelled using British Airways flights (www. britishairways. com).

From the company’s data, the company carried about 32,000,000 million passengers within 2010 (Aer 2010). The company owns about 250 aircrafts within services and its revenue is approximately GBP 8 billion. British Airways has its headquarters at Waterside next to London Heathrow Airport. The company was started within 1971 and the motto of the company is “upgrade to British Airways”. In addition, the company was privatized within 1987. The mission of British Airways is to be the best and most successful firm within the airline industry.

British Airways has made remarkable progress within airline industry with time. Over time, the company has made continuous progress, integrating newer as well as more refined aircraft and operating the Concorde from 1979. The success of the company can be mostly attributed to its constant addition of more international flights and extension of their fleet. Additionally, the entire airline has features that offer its passengers with the most excellent valuable comfort service (British Airways Plc 2010). Corporate strategyThe strategy of British Airways is indicated within its mission statement, which is “To be the undisputed leader within world travel”.

The British Airway’s strategy depends mostly on good leadership which offers a sense of direction to the company and also provides efficient management, and in the same way valuable, through outstanding communication, teamwork and partnership. This strategy is coordinated throughout its international personnel of around 48,000 workers along with its team players as well as service providers. This is necessary for both continued existence and success of British Airways (British Airways Plc 2010).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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