Essays on Corporate and Global Strategy at British Airways Assignment

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The paper “ Corporate and Global Strategy at British Airways” is a timely example of a business assignment. Business strategy is important in highlighting how a business unit plans to have successful competition within its particular business area. Strategic analysis of British Airlines provides an evaluation of how its resources can be allied to its enhanced organizational performance. A company’ s competitive advantage and superior performance come from its distinctive capabilities and therefore the resource-based view contributes sustainable competitive advantages along with long-term development to organizations. British Airlines has various competitive advantages which include a high level of technology used in the company, a renowned brand name, partnerships, and alliances among others.

The resource-based view is valuable in businesses since it enables organizations to develop and implement their business plans. Corporate and Global StrategyIntroduction The business strategy in organizations is very important within the present competitive pressure under which various businesses seem to be. As one of the main areas of administration in organizations, strategy can be perceived as a hierarchy illustrating the organizational structure of multidivisional corporations whereby corporate strategy provides the broad direction: in regard to the scope and choice of the business segment that the organization will follow, whereas business strategy is a formulation on how a business unit plans to compete within its particular business area (Williamson 2005).

This report aims at conducting a strategic analysis of British Airlines which is an international company. After analysis of the company as well as the strategic position of British Airlines, the report identifies and examines one business unit of the company, in this case, the Resource-Based View of British Airlines. In addition, the report will evaluate the strategic choices of the company and make recommendations.

Introduction to the companyBritish Airways is a renowned and established business within the airline industry. It is the United Kingdom’ s largest international scheduled airline.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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