Essays on Corporate and Managerial Responsibility Case Study

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The paper "Corporate and Managerial Responsibility" is an outstanding example of a case study on management. The topic for the project report is the corporate and managerial responsibility of an organization. It is an essential part of the management decision program towards CSR activities. The company chosen for this project is Toyota, one of the multinational automakers and the largest manufacturer which has its headquarter in Japan. This project aims to talk about the corporate responsibilities of Toyota particularly in Japan and the USA and also provides a recommendation to the CEO about effective CSR activities. Toyota has establishes its CSR department to focus mainly on the sustainability issues in 2007 in Australia.

The CSR department has been divided into various groups so that each group can look after each section (Toyota, 2010, p. 14). The first recommendation to the CEO would build a CSR department similar to its Australia CSR in every part of the world where it has its presence. In the first year, they can plan to introduce a CSR group or department in each of the global countries.

This would enable the company to provide sustainability all over the world. Toyota focuses too much on its lean manufacturing. It has its lean manufacturing process which helps in reducing waste (Leon, n.d, p.2). But Lean manufacturing has itself created a problem for Toyota. The company was said to have lost the main value of the lean process such as continuous improvement (Katz, 2010). Therefore it is suggested that the company should use the lean manufacturing process mainly for the purpose it was introduced. The company would need a long time in rebuilding its reputation for its top quality product but gradually if concentrated on the main purpose of the lean would surely achieve the top position. Toyota is one of the biggest manufacturing units that have more power towards the suppliers, as a result, they try to forces their power over suppliers.

The company has a tough policy towards the suppliers but argues to be fair enough with each of them. The relationship between OEM and suppliers is strained. If the suppliers do not reduce price they get replaced (John, 2007).

This might hamper the image of the company. Thus if the company can get good supplier even at a higher price they should keep them and work with them. It is recommended that the company should keep a global approach towards its CSR activities and sustainability issue. It is mainly concentrated in the USA and Japan. The company should aim to contribute sustainable development for society by manufacturing innovative and quality products globally. Toyota must try a flexible global approach so that it suits all of the areas where it provides business.

The pedal incident that took place was due to cars' electronic brake defect, thus this should be taken care of so that in future such incident does not occur. In Five year plan of action, the company can stretch its sustainability activities globally with hybrid and gas guzzlers cars. In the first year introduce CSR departments across the globe, second-year try to extend the departments by involving more members. Third-year, introduce hybrid cars across the globe or else in a place where sustainability is much required. Try to build a healthy relationship with its suppliers and improve its lean manufacturing process.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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