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ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE2007- 2011FISCAL YEARAimSupply vehicles at affordable prices fo student community and average citizens throught western europeMissionCreate job opportunities for the student community in college and those who have completed their studiesIntroduction Dear shareholders, As you know Vok Van co. Ltd is a new company, it is still new in the market and is picking up in the industry, however its aims and objectives are yet to be realized and its fruits are ripening. To bring you closer home, according to our business plan for Vok Van co. ltd, we came up with a outomotive company which supplies vehicles to the the european market, it begun with the aim of supplying the vehicles in the western Europe but due to growing demand for our products of the other parts of the continent, it ended up supplying the vehicles to the entire continent.

The company has one factory situated in London and more than two thousand employees. This company aims at supplying vehicles at a cheaper price to its customers due to its cost mindedness. This will anable every one in the region to drive confindently a reliable car that is enviromental friendly. A word from the CEOThis is to inform you that though this year is over, it was a full of challenges for Vok Van co.

ltd. To begin with, we had to keep the company running at a profit despites the economic constraints in the country. The Vok Van co. ltd team worked hard in finding a way out in becoming a superior company that can manufucture excellent product for the customers. The Vok Van co.

ltd team had to shift attension form profit orientedness to customer satisfaction. Its expectation to champion in bringing the fullest benefits to all the stakeholders and particularly to shareholders is now broadcasting itself in the returns i. e increament in shares nd interest. Full recovery of the financial crisis has never been attained after the industry was hit by the economic challenges, especially fuel and raw material prices inflation. Competition has never been an easy both in the domestic market as well as in the international market. The Vok Van co. ltd team has kept the pace in the industry, they have triet to stay a head of the competitors in the market place in terms of quality and prices of the products.

The Vok Van co. ltd team efforts to meet your obligation as shareholders, its customers and the general society is evidnent especially in this world that is dynamic and requires quick action to keep the fire in the market burning. Those who doubt the efforts and progress of Vok Van co. ltd can confirm that it is moving to the right direction through its achievement in the market.

The Vok Van co. ltd journey to prosperity is yet to begin. In Vok Van co. ltd priorities are the main things that affect the outomotive industry; economy, enrgy and enviroment. The Vok Van co. ltd is yet to confirm to the world that it can manage the enviroment through manufucturing vehicles that are enviromental friendlier. The customer world is yet to recieve exciting valuable vehicles that the longed for. No doubt this will increase our profitability ratio of the shareholders in the company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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