Essays on Woolworths Supermarket Cooperate Governance Case Study

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The paper "Woolworths Supermarket Cooperate Governance" is a perfect example of a business case study. Corporate governance is the mode by which a firm is controlled by several mechanisms not limited to ownership, company law, boards, and incentives. The method of management allows the leaders to set a particular direction that the whole organization should take, the objectives to be attained, and the ability to emphasize the ways that the goals set will be implemented. The knowledge of forming boards is vital for all business firms to be able to adopt corporate governance.

Any company that applies the corporate governance tactics should embrace the NYSE or the UK corporate codes. The shareholders are the main actors who encourage their managers to ensure effective governance. The rights of the shareholders should be well laid out to prevent disharmony between them and the company. If such happens, the firm has to be protected to ensure that the business is not taken over through legal procedures. The Finance Journal defines corporate governance as all the strategies that are set aside to be implemented to ensure more returns on any of the implementations set aside for investment.

The management is crucial in making the business efficient to operate under all the shareholders in harmony. However, corporate governance is not all-inclusive but sets to exclude some of the vices to maintain effectiveness (Erkens et al. , 2012). There is a broad difference between corporate management and governance. The latter relies much on directing and controlling while management mainly deals with human resource management, financial and marketing management. Precisely, the managers are under the control and directions of the most senior managers who are within a particular firm.

Corporate governance is a study and a field of practice and not necessarily a religion. The Woolworths supermarket is a good example that has for a long time implementing corporate governance to ensure long-term returns in the whole of Australia. The market line journal focuses on Jegen’ s 2012 strategies and company overview with an aim of portraying the implications that come with corporate governance (Acharya et al. , 2012).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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