Essays on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation Assignment

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The paper "Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation" is a great example of a finance and accounting assignment. Corporate governance is a topic that covers the systems that are used for directing and controlling companies’ operations (Clarke, 2007). The rules, and regulations that govern companies, and how they are applied, therefore, fall under corporate governance. In addition, to that, there are other parties apart from the management and directors, who are part of this corporate governance. These are those who oversee the management and are involved in decision making, like the shareholders.

Successful corporate governance calls for proper planning and strong strategies (Nell & Monks, 2011). This is necessary to ensure that the firm remains stable throughout its operations (Hamilton & Gray, 2009). The firm hence has to carry out feasibility studies on a regular basis, and markets research about competitors, and initiate new methods of handling competition. Arguably, the difference between good and bad corporate governance is in the policies and strategies that are made. The difference between good and bad governance lies in the policies and strategies. Stage 1 Corporate Governance Mechanisms, their Failings The inability to maintain a stable and viable management system in the company is called corporate failure.

The 2007-2009 financial crises that were experienced in the US and the entire world were perfect models of corporate failures in our systems. Corporate failure is like a disease that eats up the whole body. The fact that most companies, firms and systems of the world are interconnected means that a hick-up in one section can easily paralyze the whole system. This was the case with the financial break downs that were observed during the period 2007 and 2009, leading to a crisis that almost threatened to dissolve major economies of the world.

It is evident that the management of the firms that failed had divided attention, and greed, which was among the major contributors to their tragedies.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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