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The paper "Apple Company Inc - Corporate Governance" is a perfect example of a business case study. Apple Company Inc. was incorporated in 1977. The company was developed to design, manufacture, market and sell personal computers, mobile communication and media devices and portable digital music players (Apple Inc 2015, p. 1). Since its incorporation, the company has also been able to offer other related services such as software development, networking solutions and third-party digital applications and content. The products and services offered by Apple Company include Apple TV, iPhone, iPod, Mac, iTunes, iCloud.

Furthermore, the company also offers software applications such as OS X and iOS operating systems (Apple Inc 2015, p. 1). Through effective corporate governance, innovative management and a dedicated workforce, Apple has been able to grow into one of the most successful fortune 500 companies on the global platform. The success of the company is associated with its ability to develop and market high quality and highly competitive products in the mobile, communication and networking platforms. The company has been able to manufacture products such as the iPhone, which integrates different applications to enable the customer access varieties of services on a mobile phone device (Apple Inc 2015, p. 1). Criteria for the review of the organization’ s governance Board leadership is an important criterion that can be used in reviewing the level of governance in an organization.

This is based on the understanding that it is the responsibility of the board in an organization to provide leadership and take control (Hitt et al 2013, p. 11). This entails taking responsibility for matters related to organizational performance, insisting on the provision of adequate information not only to members of the board but also to other stakeholders.

Ensuring adequate leadership also requires the board to inform the management of its requirements and ensure effective communication among different levels in the organization (Hitt et al 2013, p. 12).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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