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Corporate Social Responsibility Affiliation: Response to Kelly’s Post The fact thatMcDonald’s is a global leader in fast food provision is impossible to refute. The company is dated back to a humble beginning and takes its customers’ needs into account before pursuing its profit motive. The company recognizes that customers are the strongest base for success in its business aspect. In this regard, the position of the society in its business aspect is crucial. Corporate social responsibility practices by McDonald’s are diverse and dynamic over time. This is because the company serves different market segments around the world, with different business environments in terms of operation.

I agree with Kelly on the McDonald’s key areas of concentration when it comes to corporate social responsibility. However, a negative aspect of corporate social responsibility practices is given more emphasis than the positive practices. Corporate social responsibility is a mutual undertaking between the company and the societies in whose context the company operates in. The company has its set objectives towards the various societies it serves. On the other hand, these societies have their expectations from the company. When it comes to whether McDonald’s fast foods are healthy or not, the important point to consider is the specific environment of operation.

Due to domestic and international variations in business laws, the company’s modes of doing business vary across borders and so are its corporate social responsibility practices (Bagley & Savage, 2010). The company remains committed to meeting the ever rising fast food demand. On its part, the larger world society is free to determine whether or not to consume McDonald’s foods. What is considered healthy in one region may not necessarily be considered so in another.

The consumers under the corporate social responsibility spirit are welcome to express their social concerns on the diet offered by the company since the company values customer feedbacks. Response to Stephanie’s Post Costco Wholesale is among the world leading entities that strive to promote social welfare through the corporate social responsibility practices. I agree with Stephanie that this company has diversified its aspects of concern to the different societies it serves. The company’s name nationwide is rich in concern for society. These concerns cut across such aspects as individual expenditure and saving, environmental and economic welfare of the larger society. Social corporate responsibility is not static and therefore needs to be adjusted as social settings of different people changes, especially customers (Melden, 2008).

This is meant to ensure that the company’s operations are at par with the expectations of the society. On the same note, Costco Wholesale embraces the fact that corporate social responsibility is a two-way activity. That is to say, as much as the company observes its social responsibilities, the society itself has a role to play in that pursuit.

I concur with Stephanie that the company’s efforts and success in going green is tremendous. Over and above this fact, the company offers products at affordable and competitive prices; thereby improving on it’s a business aspect by minimizing costs of operations and maximizing revenues. The revenue base realized improve the profitability of the firm, consequently boosting the company’s engagement in activities that directly impact on the society’s welfare like donations and running of charitable programs in the society. Even the mentioned social concerns by the company, Stephanie failed to note that the Costco Wholesale has maintained a one-on-one relationship with its customers, locally and across regional borders.

References Bagley, C. E. & Savage, D. (2010). Managers and the Legal Environment: Strategies for the 21st Century. South-Western: Cengage Learning. Melden, A. I. (2008). Ethical Theories. Minneapolis: Koebel Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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