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Corporate Social Responsibility: ADNOC in UAEIntroduction Focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Middle East shows that, the United Arab Emirates is a country that stands out. This is because; at UAE, CSR has been given attention and the companies in the region have continued to familiarize themselves with CSR and have engaged in activities associated with CSR. One of the indicators of CSR in UAE is that, like Qatar, it is one of the most transparent countries in the Middle East (Tordo, Tracy & Arfaa, 2011). At the same time, there is need to understand CSR as it is practiced by different companies such as ADNOC.

ADNOC is one of the companies in UAE that practices CSR by undertaking different activities that benefit the community as guided by its CSR policies. Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility defines the voluntary activities that are undertaken by a company with the objective of sustaining the economy, environment and social environment. CSR involve voluntary initiatives by companies to achieve community development, environmental protection and address of the human rights. The policies of CSR are designed with the intension of benefiting the society while at the same time contributing to the improvement of the company’s image and profitability.

Therefore, as generally defined by Zu (2009: 21), corporate social responsibility is a model that outlines the policies by companies to achieve maximum profits while still ensuring the societal interests are met. The CSR policies dictate the system of a company to monitor is performance in a way that it significantly benefits the society while at the same time it provides the economic benefits to the company.

Different models are used to define CSR such as; the social- economic model whereby; the dimension of economy and social interests are considered. In relation to a company, CSR involves the activities that supply goods and services to the people. the impact of an organization towards the society through the evaluation of the responsibilities of the company towards the society. To achieve CSR, a company has to assess its business in relation to the customers, the environment, workers, communities, and suppliers (Zu, 2009). In that effect, CSR is a social and economic responsibility that a company has towards the improvement of its relation with the environment and the people affected by business activities of the company.

In general, the CSR is a long term measure that businesses use in addressing the needs of the community, the employees and the people. The CSR policies provide a company with a framework from which it can to become a successful enterprise that exhibits harmonious coexistence with the surrounding. It is through the CSR policy that a company has the opportunity to honestly and honestly generate coexistence to benefit the community and the business.

It is important that CSR is sustainable so that it remains to be fundamental even though fortunes change. Moreover, the success of CSR initiatives is determined by the company’s ability to comply with legislation and to honor ethical values and to show respect to communities, natural environment and communities (Zu, 2009). That is, CSR is sustainably engaging in activities to benefit the society without adversely influencing the company’s business objectives.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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