Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Market Coursework

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The paper "Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Market" is a good example of marketing coursework. Competition in the business industry is that strong today. No one is stable in the field of business. You may be the market leader today but you’ ll never know if you still top tomorrow. Being the topmost is not that enough for a sustainable market. What matters is that how are you going to sustain the market and at the same time, finding ways on how to go up to the next level, while leaving the others to find innovations on how to follow yours. Corporate Responsibility (CSR) is a theory where a group of people considers the result of their activities to the society and taking their responsibility onto it.

Their activities involve customers, employees, and communities and also the environments that were all covered in their activities. This is to comply with their obligation which aims to further improve and develop the quality of life of the communities. It is also an agreement to which the business considers the society, environment, etc. , without compromising the stability of the stakeholders. There are a lot of approaches that CSR has come to reach the concern on the society as well in the environment.

Like for example, the Shell Foundation was involved in the Flower Valley in South Africa. Here, they have set Early Learning Centre on to which they transfer their knowledge by educating the local people in the community with different aspects including the awareness of HIV/AIDS. They have different programs that bring the minorities in the field of knowledge and in the process of learning. This kind of approach is often neglected by some other organizations for that they say that this does not really help to build the skills of the people but in fact, this really leads to sustainable development. The Business Case for CSR The extent of CSR may differ depending on the nature of the business and enterprise.

The interpretation usually includes efforts regarding charities or voluntary acts. Some companies may impose CSR without proper and clear directions of objectives and programme.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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