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The paper "Corporate Social Responsibility Is Just Public Relations" is a perfect example of a business assignment.   Based on diverse arguments presently touted by numerous scholars, it is undeniable CSR roles are far beyond what Public Relations (PR) normally does in an organization (Hack, Kenyon & Wood, 2014). Therefore, it cannot be a fair evaluation by claiming, “ CSR is just public relations” because its core roles exceed those of the purported PR. This is quite evident in Werther and Chandle (2011, p. 13) study contending CSR comprises one of the indispensable aspects of any firm’ s strategic and operating tools (Benn, Todd & Pendleton, 2010).

This is because each time a given firm intends to implement a CSR ought to ensure the implementation process will not bear adverse effects to not only the immediate environment but also the community. This implies CSR’ s role is more of sustainability coupled with careful evaluation or embracing pre-considerations before resulting in any intended actions by ascertaining their impacts. This is quite different in the case of PR whose core focus as claimed by numerous scholars in regards to any given entity is merely a “ sins’ greenwashing” strategy (Demmerling, 2014, p.

42). This is because mostly PR while in the quest of evading criticism its practices merely intend to create a disingenuous inkling to the governing body and immediate community. However, the resolution or the sought comfort through PR is a short-lived one because after a certain duration the entity ends up being in a bitter row with both environmental and consumer authorities (Demmerling, 2014). Conversely, CSR’ s focus encompasses ensuring a long-term relationship, which cannot be equalled to “ … just Public Relations” for it includes even disclosing an entity’ s activities (Ihlen, Bartlett & May 2011, p.

2022). This to ensure complete sustainability whose description may assume varied arguments as relayed by Werther and Chandle (2011, p. 15-19), which include exhibiting a heightened extent of moral uprightness, being rational in implementing its decisions and economic approach. Hence, enable any given entity or company speaks for itself to the public without resulting in false camouflaging, which is short-lived.


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