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The paper “ Bendigo Bank - Corporate Strategic Plan for Entrepreneurship” is a perfect example of the business plan on management. This is the corporate strategic plan for Bendigo bank for entrepreneurship. It gives the bank an excellent way of development. This plan is developed with wide participation in the company. The plan reflects on the mission, vision, core operating values, and other operating systems fundamental to the company’ s approach to its work. There were several meetings that set the stage for the work of drawing up the plan during which the company's strategic course was explained.

The staffs lend their support in coordinating the planning course and provided essential support and scrutiny to complete this plan. On the other hand, the management aided the planning process using a version of the Drucker tool of assessment. Environmental scrutiny was conducted which included a review of the company's internal operating systems and responses from several stakeholders as well as an evaluation of demographic and market information affecting the company. The environmental scrutiny and company evaluation helped to assess both the challenges and opportunities it is likely to face over the next couple of years and set the framework for the choices reflected in this strategic plan. Executive summaryHistoryBendigo Bank was established in 1858 in Australia.

It helps customers, families, and businesses achieve their financial goals and build successful communities. This is because a successful community is a great place to conduct a successful business. Results and directionThe strategic course and goals contained in this plan are the responses of the bank; it’ s the perception of what its customers value most about the company and current opportunities and shortcomings for offering high-quality services.

The period of this strategic plan will be five years in which the company will evaluate and deepen its approach to work. Concurrently, it will be in charge of working with a greater array of client resources and explore other areas actively in engaging customers more frequently.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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