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CORPORATE WEB DEVELOPMENTPART-IIntroductionQn. a) Effectiveness of GSK website Type of web siteAs far as GSK website is concerned, it is an e-community based transactional brochure ware. The GSK site is deep in nature as it contains almost all in detail. The objectives of the site are selling, advertising, customer support, customer retention etc. Let’s have a look at the effectiveness of the objectives, Site design and content orientated to its apparent aims. Inference: The web site is well designed with its structured content, layout, specialised logo, and designs with vibrant eye friendly colours and with well optimisation.

This could be improved by updating information constantly. The Unilever website is a typical underlying business model. PART-IIQn b) HOW TO FIND OUT GSK’s WEB SITE’S EFFICIENCY? Let’s go through the following checklist. Score each website issue out of 10. 1 is very poorly represented and 10 are well represented. The issues with an asterisk are generally considered to be detrimental to most websites and thus if they are applicable to the sites you are reviewing you might decide to allocate a negative score where -1 acknowledges that the feature is a minor criteria and -10 indicates a major criteria. CHECK LIST FOR CRITICAL ASSESSMENT OF THE PERFORMANCE OF GSK WEB SITE ASSESSING QUALITIES SCORES1.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS GSKURL 10Download time - size of home page 9Look and feel - readability 9Need to download software  9Home page on one screen (above the fold) 7Unique Selling Point (USP) or Value Proposition 10Ability to take action (Key action point – KAP) 9Feeling of wanting more - depth of site 9Contact details 10Credential validation - certifications, associations etc. 10Statement from management 10Use of attractors 10Are you made to register to get into site?  10Total score for section 1222.

NAVIGATION Ease of use 10Site map 10Return to Home Page from any page 9Internal search engine 6Internal links 7 Broken links 8 Text as well as graphic links (ALT tags) 8 Navigational links visible 8Opens multiple windows 9Total score for section 753. CONTENT Useful information 10Degree of substantiated information 10Level of interaction 9Use of valuable graphics 8Use of valuable animation 7Use of valuable sound 5Reviews, testimonials and certifications 10Content in digestible quantity 10Up-to-date ness 10Available in multiple languages 7Accessibility for the disabled 6Terms and conditions 9FAQ’s 5Availability of follow up discussion 5Total score for section 1114. ATTRACTORS Competitions 8Special offers 9Freebies 8Breaking news 8Ease of access by External links 9Newsletter 9Other (Specify) Total score for section 515. FINDABILITY Intuitive URL 10Designed for search engine performance 10 Intuitive keywords 10 Use of meta tags 9 Use of frames 9Advertising 9 On-line advertising 9 Off-line advertising 9 On-line recommend a friend 7Partner and affiliate sites 9Total score for section 916.

MAKING CONTACT Email and other details visible 10Response time to enquiries 10 Automatic email response 10 Personal email response 10Use of online forms 10Telephone contact number provided 10Telephone call back offered 10Total score for section 707. BROWSER COMPATIBILITY Internet Explorer (1-5) 9Netscape Navigator (1-4) 9Mac 9Resize ability 9Total score for section 368. KNOWLEDGE OF USERS  Availability of utilisation statistics  8 Adaptive website  9 Offers based on buying history  8Total score for section 259. USER SATISFACTION Robustness/reliability of the site 10Clicks to completion 9Acknowledge order/request 9Order/request tracking online 9Recognising a pre-inclusion 9Total score for section 4610.

OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION Supplier terms and conditions 10List of products bought by your company 10Contact details for person in charge of suppliers 10List of career opportunities 10Contact details for HR department 10Financial results 10Up-to-date financial news 9The company stock price performance 9History of the company 8Cookies7Management and geographical structure of company 8Mission statement 9Up-to-date press coverage 9Total score for section 112  OVERALL TOTAL SCORE 844WHILE CONSIDERING ALL THESE POINTS IT CAN BE NOTED HAT GSK IS A COMPANY OF HIGH PROFESSIONAL VALUESPART-III Qn c) How easy is it to retrieve via a range of search engines and using different search terms?

What are the main criteria to set up an effective website? 1. ABILITY TO FIND VERY QUICKLYThis is very effective aspect as far as a web site is concerned. The effectiveness of a web site is in the fact how quickly they are converted in to users. As far as GSK I s concerned it is its peak quality. According to the noted Stat Market, high percentage rate of Internet link referrals attract customers through banner advertisements and paid links. (Raïssa Katz-Haas. Society for Technical Communication. User Centered Design and Web Development. )2. ACCESSIBILITY FOR ONLINE ANF OFFLINE ADVERTISINGOffline advertising is an important tool to attract customers which should not be under estimated.

In fact it is a traditional advertising tool and found very effective. Online advertising is an effective tool which can be used very effectively. Here we can direct potential customers from other company websites. As far as GSK is concerned, this is not at all necessary, since they are the monopoly leaders of their product. However the system is on effectively there also. 3. URL BRANDINGTo define the business of a company’s web site, URL BRANDING is necessary.

It is calculated that 50% of all Web site referrals are through direct referrals. So the URL is an important marketing tool. So it is mandatory to have it with proper IP address, fax numbers, phone number, e-mail address etc. The key tool should be printed in almost all company brochures and literature wherever given. GSK’s URL branding is so effective and time savvy also. (Professor James Grunwald. Martin Luther College. 1997. Five Principles of Good Web Design. )

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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