Essays on Corporate Treasury Management Coursework

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The paper "Corporate Treasury Management" is an outstanding example of management coursework. CRM techniques are necessary for financial services to achieve the required outcomes. They have to create a consumer-centric culture and organization to secure good relationships with customers. This, in turn, can maximize profitability. This depends on the rating of a company in the minds of the customers and in the market. This is possible when the customer gains profit with the company’ s services and bonds. The effort of the company and the resource behind the valuable customer groups must be aligned to gave a good synergy between them to increase the returns.

This is possible by integrating communications and customer interactions. One of the possible ways is maintaining electronic rating books available to rating agencies. This will ensure good relationships with the clients. The identification of sales prospects for the bonds will be enhanced by maintaining a rating book available for the rating agencies and the customers. The management of customer value is to develop profitability and the rating with the available resources. This should be reflected in the information passed on to the customers.

The cross and up-selling initiatives can be supported by the good rating of the financial services and its securities or products. The development of propositions aimed at different customer segments will be enabled by rating book availability. In making that the company must reduce the risks and liabilities of its bond or asset, company respectively. The support channel management, pricing, and migration should be within the building infrastructure and systems that can deliver customer knowledge and that can understand customer profitability. Country Risk 2.1 Country risk in the form of Political Risk: In the case of multinational financial services companies, there will be a country risk.

The company cannot get more than the rating of the country it is working or based on. This can be possible when they have external guarantees. The adverse effects and positive effects of the decisions of the country will reflect on the financial performance of the company.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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