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The paper "Marketing Strategie - Case of COS Australia" is a great example of a marketing case study. H& M AB is a Swedish leading multinational clothing firm. The company was founded in by a Swedish entrepreneur and has since grown to become a global company with stores more than 3600 stores in over 57 countries. The just opened its first store in Australia recently, where it introduced its famous COS brand. The COS brand did attract a huge number of Australian shoppers on its first day of operation and has maintained good performance since 2014 despite the stiff competition that the brand faces from both local and international firms.

However, for the COS brand to compete effectively in the Australian market, the company has to consider enhancing its marketing strategies and improve the quality of its clothes and increase its distribution channels to make the clothes easily accessible to Australian customers. Introduction H& M AB is a Swedish leading multinational clothing firm. The company was founded in by a Swedish entrepreneur and has since grown to become a global company with stores more than 3600 stores in over 57 countries (Cummins par.

2). H& M AB specializes in the retail of fashion clothing for men, women and children. H& M AB ranks the second largest clothing retailer in the world just after the Spanish Inditex. H& M AB recently opened its first doors in Australia in 2014 and is already causing excitement among Australia consumers. Despite having been operational for barely a year, H& M AB is already offering a serious challenge to the Australian local and international clothing retail companies. H& M Australian branch is located at GPO building in Melbourne (Hibbit par.

2). The company intends to open additional stores in all major cities in Australia starting with Sydney. Although H& M AB sells six different autonomous brands, including H& M, Monki, Weekday, COS, and Cheap Monday among others, the COS brand has created a lot of excitement among Australians. COS stands for a collection of style, which it first launched in Sweden in 2007 (Cummins par. 3). This report will review the recently launched COS brand in Australia with a view to establishing the competitiveness of the brand in the Australian fashion industry. Situation Analysis Product Launch COS, which is a Scandinavian brand was launched in April 2014 in Melbourne, Australia for the first time (Robb par.

4). To the surprise of the company management, the shop was full to capacity on its first day of opening, which was a clear indication of Aussie’ s craving for fashion clothing from foreign companies. The company registered huge sales on its day of launch with the brand increasingly registering huge demand as its popularity grows in Australia. Porters Five Forces Model Porters five forces model is a useful management tool that managers use to analyze the competitive environment of an industry where they operate or intend to enter (Porter 5).

Understanding the competitive environment is important for a company since it aids in developing effective product features and marketing strategies to establish a position in the market. Porter’ s Five Forces of competition include competitive rivalry, the threat of substitution, buyer power, seller power and the threat of entry.

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