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ONE STEEL MANUFACTURING COMPANYThis research paper is going to focus on a company registered on the ASX referred to as One steel Manufacturing Company. It is a totally integrated worldwide manufacturer and distributor of both steel and refined steel merchandise. The company has expanded into both iron ore and scrap metal. The company has various manufacturing plants situated in Whyalla, South Australia, Melbourne, Victoria, Western Sydney and Newcastle, Queensland, New South Wales and Brisbane. In New Zealand and Asia One steel has more than 40 operating plants. The One steel mother company has expanded its wings into the United Sates of America by opening up a Grinding Media, LiteSteel Technologies; in Tampa, Florida a Recycling and a ferrous shredder has been put in place.

(OneSteel Ltd 2008). It has been estimated that OneSteel markets more than 40,000products to slightly over 30,000 customers. This paper chooses to focus on the steel long products produced by the company. Just recently the company merged with the Smorgon Steel in the year 2007 so as to primarily include mining in its operations. The company is very sensitive to issues regarding its energy and environmental conservation.

In its operations the company has adopted greenhouse intensive facilities that are made of iron ore; it has further considered using energy efficiently by making use of renewable sources of energy. Products Manufactured by OneSteelOneSteel manufactures and distributes such products as rail wheels and axles, cold finished bar, structural rail, grinding media and recycled metals. Bulks of these products are used in the construction industry, manufacturing, housing, mining, and agricultural industries. The mines and recycling plant in Whyalla Australia have made the company to be self sufficient in the production of iron ore and scrap metal since the company can extract the minerals itself.

The company churns into the construction industry such products as the reinforcing steels. In the rural areas where there is a lot of farming the company has endeavored to produce quality fencing through the use of new technologies. In farming there is also the production of quality fishing implements that have been made by OneSteel Company. Rail wheels that are produced by the company are very important for they are used in the transportation of both goods and the people. Manufacturing ProcessOne of the major manufacturing processes in the OneSteel industry is that of steel can recycling.

As a matter of fact recycling of steel cans on average saves 87% of the energy it takes to make the cans from raw materials that is Iron ore and coal. Steel is 100% recyclable and this means that it can be potentially recycled over and over again without reducing the quality of the end product. (EcoRecycle Victoria 2004). In the production of steel the first process is to always make molten cast iron; which is a sum of heating a mixture of coke, iron ore and limestone or flux in a blast furnace.

The product is then converted to steel using the basic oxygen steel making process. In this procedure the iron from the blast furnace is subjected to high temperatures of heat of around 1, 7000 ºc. These high temperatures are regulated by adding scrap steel into the furnace. In the Basic Oxygen – Steel making furnace, oxygen is blown over the molten surface, which extracts impurities and carbon from the iron.

Alternatively steel can be made using electric arc furnaces and then processed in mini mills. These mills use electricity to melt scrap steel, that is then cast into slabs and further processed into other steel products. This process is less preferred to the basic oxygen steel (BOS) making. BOS is the most suitable method for manufacturing tin-plated steel cans. Under this process the metal is heated into a molten form in the furnace and then cast into slabs and hot strip rolled into coils.

Afterwards the coils are cleaned and then they are cold rolled into gauges suitable for applying a thin layer of tin through a process called electrolysis. After the whole process tinplate is produced and then used to make steel cans. When it comes to wire products the company manufactures Armouring wire, conductor wire, galvanized wire working, hard drawn low carbon wire, nail wire Screen wire. In its manufacturing the company has converted the steelworks to feed based on magnetite ore other than using the previously used hematite ore.

This has been possible through what is known as project Magnate that has seen improvement in environmental performance. Magnetite ore is distributed in form of wet slurry from the mine site to the steelworks. In the steelworks this wet slurry is altered into pellets. This process produces less dust as compared to the previous technology used in production. (Government of South Australia, 2008).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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