Essays on Evaluating the Perceptions of Consumers on Consumer Generated Media Essay

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The paper "Evaluating the Perceptions of Consumers on Consumer Generated Media" is a worthy example of an essay on management. Customer-generated media is a term that is used in describing the general activity on the web whereby customers contribute their own content. It describes a variety of new sources of information which is found online and created, initiated, circulated and used by consumers. The main aim is to educate each other about brands services and issues. Consumers can hold conversations on forums and social network sites, videos on video sites, posts, and comments on blogs.

It also refers to online word of mouth, consumer to consumer e-mail, postings on public internet discussion/forums, consumer rating web sites blogs (weblogs), moblogs (sites where users post digital images, photos, and movies), social networking websites and individual web sites (Nazzaro & Blackshaw 2004). It also refers to any material which is created and uploaded to the internet by non-media professionals. Customer Generated Media (CGM) come in to use with the coming up of the internet itself and has been used in different forms. According to Nazzaro & Blackshaw (2004), in the recent past, the use of CGM has increased rapidly due to the development of technology and access to high-speed internet.

Currently, it is one of the fastest-growing forms of content on the internet. It has played a fundamental role in altering how audiences interact with the internet and how advertisers reach the people. One of the most common sites for consumer brands in use today is review sites where consumers share their brand experiences in order to help other potential buyers to make informed purchasing decisions.

These sites are grouped by category and hence we have electronics, automotive and tourism sites. Then sites are moderated well in a way that friendly to the company brand. The information posted by the audience on the sites is reviewed on a timely basis mostly within 24 hours and any offending material is removed immediately. It is also argued that some comments from the general public who may dislike a given product could be intimidating. Therefore most review sites do not allow anyone to submit content without agreeing to certain standards or “ user agreements” .

This includes promise on the part of the user not to post defamation, profanity, threats or illegal or inappropriate content. They are informed that they are legally responsible for whatever content they post. This warning is meant to ensure that they behave accordingly. The CGM should enlist the services of moderators to review the posted content and also allow another user to submit comments about others who they may feel have gone offline. To be effective in the use of CGM the companies should develop multiple filters which unsure those certain types of content never appear to users of the sites.

These filters could inform users about what is not acceptable. Another important way of having a good site is to enlist the users who visit the site.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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