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The paper 'India as a Target Market for Fast Eddys " is a good example of a marketing case study. A real challenge and risks which firms face in the consistently inter-reliant global markets is the capability to operate and perform efficiently across the cultural borders (Caligiuri, Lepak & Bonache 2010, p. 37). As opposed to serving entirely in the background or site where they were created, managers and employees are now compelled to look for new markets to expand their operations, product awareness, and customer base so as to increase their revenues and market share.

According to Ernst & Young (2010, p. 20), Australian companies have been carrying businesses in the Indian market for quite sometimes since Australia has been having diplomatic ties in the Indian capital, New Delhi since 1943, four years prior to India’ s independence. However, over the years, the relationship lacked substance as it could not prevent various risks (HSBC Business 2012, p. 34). It is a confirmation that expansion into new markets is full of risks such as political, cultural, technological, economic, managerial, human resource management, legal systems, ethical practices differences which could hinder operations leading to failure.

In reaction to such concern, management experts have always recommended market research before making an entry to foreign markets. HSBC Business (2012, p. 54) stated that the economic and other changes have taken place in India, presenting the business with numerous new opportunities. In this report, the business development executive from Fast Eddys and tasked by the CEO will conduct market research into the Indian market to present differences and opportunities by analyzing economic prospects, culture, legal systems, ethical practices, investment environment, and stability.

Fast Eddys is a restaurant in Australia dealing in Fast food such as hamburgers, fried and roasted chicken, dessert, wraps, salad, milkshakes, French fries, coffee, and Steak and Cheese. The reports indicate that the fast-food lifestyle is turning out to be a trend and is penetrated in the suburban areas and cities of India. This provides an opportunity for Fast Eddys to exploit.


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