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The paper 'Professional and Technical Communication' is a great example of a Management Assignment. Understanding the different learning’ s from the course has relevance in shaping the manner a person performs as it helps to improve the process of doing things. The different lessons on communication, the medium of communication, the importance of the audience, and the context in communication, and the process of writing to ensure that the audience is able to understand and interpret the message were of immense help as it helped to transform the learning process.

The above-mentioned topic has been chosen for reflection as I feel that the topics have their relevance in any field and being able to work on those and improving this aspect will ensure that the person is able to deliver better results. This thereby looks to back those with different findings and research so that the overall effectiveness multiplies and the person is able to make better decisions and act in a better manner. Lesson 1: Reflection I have realized the importance of communication and being clear as analyzing myself I was able to find out that I look towards using simple words which can be easily understood.

Along with it I also look towards stressing on the important things which helps the listener to understand the manner in which he has to work (William & Stella, 2001). The area which I need to work on is to ensure that I don’ t jump to conclusion and look towards stating all the things so that the other person is able to understand clearly. I have a friend who has excellent communication skills and it is entirely due to the fact that when he speaks he thinks from the perspective of the listener and looks to include all the relevant things which will have an impact on the listener.

This process ensures that the communication process becomes clearer and the listener is able to understand the entire message clearly (Allen, 2001). I think it is imperative I also look to think and plan as a listener so that the communication process becomes better. Lesson 2: Reflection While looking to deliver a quality project in my university I have to ensure that I use the different genres and it depends on the requirements of the paper.

For example, if I have to make a presentation that I will use presentation slides which will comprise of different contents, pictures, and structures to ensure that the overall presentation becomes effective (Sevari & Kandu, 2011). This will also help to attract people towards the presentation and will increase the effectiveness of the presentation. In case the lecturer expects me to write an essay than I will have to use different genres like the structure, content, and style so that the reader is able to develop a relationship with the essay.

This will help the reader to gain effectiveness and will increase the understanding of the paper. In addition to it, I will have to be careful in ensuring that the essay goes in line with the requirements and the reader is able to clearly associate with it (Imahori & Lanigan, 2002). In case I work on a presentation style then the basic structure will remain the same i. e. I will have to use different genres like the structure, content, and style so that the reader is able to develop a relationship with the essay.

In addition to it, I will look to use different contents, pictures, and structures to ensure that the overall presentation becomes effective (Anne & Bochner, 2007). Thus, the entire process undergoes some changes but will the main constituent will remain the same. Lesson 3: Reflection I am an active user of different social networking sites and use it as a medium to communicate with people. The fact that technological advancement has allowed the use of different mediums has helped to increase the use of social networking sites as it helps to communicate with people over far distance at a minimum cost.

While looking to communicate through the process of social networking sites I found certain problems as when I communicate with the person and mean something else but the other person interprets it differently (Schermerhorn, Davidson, Poole, Simon, Woods & Chau, 2011). This creates a gap in the process of communication. In addition to it, I also find that when I upload some stuff or comments I receive back comments which make the process of communication ineffective.

Further, I feel that when people use social networking sites they make things and don’ t communicate the correct things. This is true in case of me as I also at times all look towards cook things which have thereby created doubts over the integrity and truthfulness of the message. This at times also makes me feel insecure and requires that when I look towards communicating something official I look to use some other medium (Beardwell & Holden, 1994).

This mode of communication further cannot be used when I look to communicate with my colleagues as the process of communication is doubtful and will create doubt regarding the manner in which the message is passed on. This mechanism will also not make the listener have full faith in the message that is communicated. I look towards using most of the different medium of communication like email, social networking sites, telephone, face to face communication, and other forms of communication. The mode of communication which I use depends on the message and the importance along with urgency.

I also choose the medium if I look towards receiving replies and want the doubts to be solved at the same time. Thus, the medium which I choose varies and depends on the prevailing circumstances. I find myself comfortable while using the different medium as it has been a process which I follow daily. When I started using a different medium for the first time like a speech before the class I was nervous and was unclear about what to speak. With the passage of time the problem has been sorted out and today I find myself comfortable while using the different medium of communication. Lesson 5: Reflection To be able to communicate effectively it is important that the sender of the message works on different aspects.

The most important thing here is that I need to ensure that I don’ t have any preconceived notion that the audience has the required knowledge instead should look it from the perspective of the audience and determine the context and process through which the message is to be passed (Palmatier, 2004).

This will help to ensure that I will be able to develop the entire message correctly and will be able to ensure that no information is lacking which will make the message incomplete or inaccurate. The accuracy of the message can further be multiplied if I look towards ensuring that the entire message which has to be communicated is written. This will ensure that I can check and recheck the message before passing. This will ensure that the message when checked, again and again, will be free of errors and I will be able to visualize the message and ensure that there are no words or messages which go against someone.

This will help to improve the overall accuracy in passing on the message (Nicholas, 2003). Along with it, I have to ensure that the message uses the correct media and looks towards removing the gaps which are present by working on the different directions through which the value of the message improves. If a bad piece of message is provided the most important aspect to correct it from the listener’ s point of view which can be achieved to a large extent by writing the message.

Further using the form of writing a message and reading it, again and again, will also help to fill the gaps and can be used as a source of verification in the future which will thereby help to ensure that the entire message has to be passed is clear and correct. This lesson was thereby a great learning experience and it highlighted the different aspect which is important while looking to communicate and will help to ensure better communication which can be improved by ensuring that proper methods which look towards checking the materials through writing are developed. Conclusion The overall learning from the different lessons thereby has been great as it helped me to understand the different areas which when worked on helps to ensure that the overall process of communication improves.

This lesson has brought an undergoing change in me who will thereby help me to realize the different directions and areas which when worked on will ensure better communication. I through the lessons have been thereby able to ensure that I will be able to communicate better in the future and will be able to ensure better efficiency in dealing with the different matters and situation which might arise.  


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