Essays on Potential Impact on Technological Changes on Our Employees Essay

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The paper 'Potential Impact on Technological Changes on Our Employees' is a perfect example of a Management Essay. I sincerely acknowledge your industry fair trip to America. I believe that our Board of Directors is people of high integrity who accept any positive change to the company. You may decide to put your proposals through different types of changes. These changes include; Changes in technology, structure, and strategy. However, as you try to bring your human resource manager I understand that employee involvement and participation are typically a major component of the bundle of practices associated with high commitment or best practice. In this study, we will focus on each of the changes in regard to people management issues such as skills, performance, attitudes, behavior, and culture. Changes in technology I kindly understand that from your fair trip to America that issue of technology was the center stage of every debate or discussion.

As Corrie Niemann of people works 24 says that a quantum leap in connectivity technology is altering the nature of human resources information systems which will slash the costs of managing Human Resource functions.

I agree with on this particular issue of having an e-HRM. The foremost thing is that it will make us remain competitive and relevant in the job market. We are likely to end up being the most reliable company in the region. Venter (2003). - Recruitment On this, I believe that the use of the electronic recruitment process can be of great advantage to our company in the sense that it reduces costs and minimizes time used to hire new employees. We should, therefore, upload our business units such that the job specifications are found on the web.

An added advantage to our company when we use the e-recruitment system is that when new job seekers are trying to apply for the advertised job on the internet we can sell our company products, services, and policies through the web Venter (2003). However, it is not a guarantee that all the employees in our company would agree to the same issue. We are likely to face resistance and denial from the side of the workers. But this should not act as a demotivating factor instead we look on the way of trying to solve the issue of bad attitude form our employees such as firing or ignoring their grievance as notes Peter de Jager a provocative speaker, writer, and consultant. e- Selection If we succeed in achieving an e-recruitment system we know to select the applicants who meet the job specifications form those who have applied.

Venter (2003). This means that we don’ t need to send any letter or make regarding a successful applicant nor to an applicant who receives a regret letter. Such a process of selection will make our company is above criticism in terms of interviews. The strength of the applicant can be used online and this definitely saves us of time and is fare to the applicant’ s expenses of traveling to the company.

Our staff may not agree with the whole deal and they might argue that the interview would be subjective and that corruption will be manifested.


Neuland, E. and Venter, D. (2003) foreign direct investments: Implications for South Africa. Management Today Yearbook 2003,
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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