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The paper "Employment Practices and Regulations" is a great example of business coursework.   Businesses trade with the main aim being of making profits and maximizing the shareholder's wealth. For this reason, all the company resources and operation must be directed towards the attainment of the master objects of profit-making. The profit-making aim is dependent on levels of production not forgetting the quality of the company’ s goods and services. With high production of goods and services, a company is bound to have high sales and that will consequently reflect high revenue.

For optimal quality production, full employment of resources must be adhered to. Full employment of resources means maximizing usage in all available resources be it raw materials, intermediate products or human labour i. e. factors of production. All these resources must be managed in such a way that there are no wastages in materials and neither are the workers idle. Proper or efficient employment of resources is all dependent on human efficiency to ensure that there are no wastages, workers don’ t stay idle and quality products and services are produced. This has created the need for people management at work. On the other hand, the welfare of employees is an issue of concern.

Employment practices have therefore been required to be put in the light (Selwyn, 2010). This is because employees’ welfare under management has raised an alarm following the neglecting and abandonment of employees rights in their place of work. Cases of employee’ s rights abandonment and mistreatment by employers have been heard more frequently from time to time from one company to another. The government through the act of parliament has therefore seen the need to regulate the employment practices.

The act of parliament has made legislations on employment practices to bring fairness on both employers and employees such that employees as resources yield high production under a comfortable environment in terms of fair treatment by employers, healthy and safe working standards (Selwyn, 2010). Employment Practices and Regulations The employment practices regulation as said above has been usually done through the legislation of employment law. The legislations are enacted to provide space for employer’ s achievement of their profit maximization goals by fair means of motivating, inspiration and encouragement together with fair remuneration and not through unfair or unjust treatment of the employees.

The United Kingdom has not ragged behind in the protection of both employers’ rights and employees’ rights. For that reason, the United Kingdom among other states has put into place the law of employment. With time, the employment law has been severally reviewed. This is because of the emerging issues in employment in regard to conflicts between the employers and the employees. The employment law addresses a number of issues in regard to the legal relation of employers and employees.

The issues are outlined in the Acts contained in the law as stipulated in the states constitution (Selwyn, 2010). Minimal wages, Equality Act, Job security, Collective bargaining, Health and safety not forgetting the disciplinary actions and procedures under each are the major issues in the law with each stipulated in form of an Act.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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