4 TD OBT - DECISION MAKING – Coursework Example

Logic and evidence in decision making affiliation Logic and evidence in decision making This form of decision making ensures a manager is sure of all the strategies they aim to implement in an organization. Most managers prefer this method to the use of gut and personal opinion. In an argument by Monahan (2013) evidence based decision making models requires a manager to put in place mechanisms that would make the models more efficient and organization appropriate. The decision making models should consider three factors (Monahan, 2013);
Demand evidence
In numerous situations, managers are presented with theories and recommendations. They should seek or demand evidence of new theories presented to determine their viability.
Examine logic
This requires managers to effectively analyze the evidence presented and eliminate any judgment caused by inappropriate reasoning.
Encourage experimentation
This is applicable in situations whereby there is a lack of evidence. The manager should be able to create evidence and request experimentation from other departmental heads.
In an argument by Monahan (2013), logic and evidence based decision making models present risks that managers should be keen to avoid. For instance, a manager should develop alternative thinking lines to eliminate the possibility of negative reasoning. A manager is also advised to avoid status quo. The success of an organization may be based on an already existing strategy. However, this may be limiting the success level of the organization. In addition, the manager should provide room and opportunity for counter arguments from both employees and department heads.
Monahan, G. (2000). Management Decision Making. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.