Studying Abroad – Coursework Example

Studying Abroad Studying abroad has many advantages for having the dream of traveling out of their country. It is indeed an important period in one’s life as there are a lot of experiences and opportunities that come in one’s path (Byram34). Students studying abroad have the benefit of getting to know and share their ideas with other foreign students who comes from different cultures and countries. Moreover, the experience is a pool of new ideas as several research methods and studies are brought on the table (Fulbright 2014).
The opportunity of studying abroad also offers students with a chance to discuss global issues as affecting different students in their mother counties; however, they have the facts and first experience of the problems they are facing back at home. Therefore, this opens an opportunity for them to borrow new ideas that might be of help in solving they face back at home(Rabinowitz 38).
It also brings harmony among different individuals coming from different races and cultures. They get to know each others culture, therefore acquire knowledge of the different cultural practices being practiced in different countries around the world(Cressey 509).
Lastly, studying abroad has a great impact on the self development of a student. This is because they get to learn new languages, eat new foods and learn different cultures as they mingle and share with each of the (Carolyn). In addition, the students also learn to make both personal and professional decisions among themselves as they are far away from their parents. Moreover, new knowledge is acquired in the course of studying abroad by students as the education curriculum students are exposed too are different from those in their own countries (Llanes, Àngels,& Carmen Muñoz 64).
The three things that are important to remember when researching, citing and putting together a works cited pages in a specific citation style are that ideas are the currency of academia. Secondly, by not citing a work that was researched by someone else, his rights are violated as the ideas that one is writing are the authors ideas and not his own. Lastly, I believe that academics need to be able to trace the pedigree of ideas.
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