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My is XXXXXX and I have recently graduated with a degree in economics. I look forward to working in a reputable organization that would offer mean opportunity not only to put in practice the various economic concepts I have acquired throughout my school life, but also to grow professionally. Apart from being proficient in English language, I can comfortably and effectively communicate in Cantonese and mandarin. My passion for economics stems back to the years 2008 and 2009 that witnessed the global economy plunging into one of the greatest depressions ever since the Great Depression.

The news of the moment talked about job cuts as companies struggled to remain economically viable. In worst scenario, some “too big to fail companies” such as the Lehman’s brothers had to go out of the business. United States government, for instance, responded immediately by injecting stimulus into the economy as well as bailed out major banks and companies. In respect to this experience, I was motivated to delve into economic books and try to understand how the global economy is maintained stable. I became interested in monitoring the performance of both the local and global economy, something that inspired me to finally undertake a degree in economics.

Am a hardworking individual who appreciates the value of diligence and persistence in all that I undertake to perform. My experience in school has served to expose these qualities as in several occasions I was able to lead my fellow group members into appreciating difficult economic concepts. In addition, I endeavor to deliver my personal best for every task at hand. While there are moments when I was caught in quagmire, I have never hesitated to seek help or other people’s opinion.

Another aspect of me is that I have a soft spot for political science. Politics occupies central place when it comes to the management of world affairs. For example, politicians are responsible for designing legislation that impact business environment as well as international relations. When illegitimate business dealings or financial processes are being rolled out, it is the role of these politicians to raise an alarm of action to be taken against the culprit. Also, following the global economic crunch of 2008, president of the United States, in conjunction with other congress members had to expeditiously reach out to a decision that eventually restored normalcy.

In this regard, I find political science to be in total agreement with my career in economics because they act to complement each other. My knowledge in economics might just be used to influence legislative decisions that would save the world from another economic depression. Aside from the above professional undertaking, I am also a talented pianists who has been playing it for a period of not less than 8 years.

Playing the piano has been my childhood ambition and I often use it during my leisure. I believe that everybody needs a rest after a busy work schedule, and as for me playing the piano is one of my ways of relaxing. I therefore request for a chance to be part and parcel of the staff of this esteemed organization. I purpose to bring my expertise, and apply it whenever called upon, in the running of the day to day activities of the organization.

Dedication, diligence, and hard work will forever remain my guiding values at all capacity I will serve-that is if accorded the chance.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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