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The paper "Job Position of a Supplies Manager" is an outstanding example of an application essay on management. I am writing to apply for the job position as a supplies manager noting that my education and background are an excellent match to the job description. As an intern supplies manager at (Insert company), I was exposed to the coordination of the shipment process dispatch tools, routing, and scheduling with respect to clients demands. Through included designing, handling and implementing supply and bookkeeping involving records. To reflect, I led a team of 15 workers whom I did not accomplish the task to the satisfaction of the company.

It involved facilitating and collaborating. Having achieved a training session within the company under the counsel of able managers, I hereby feel privileged to undertake the leadership with a sober mind and in a position to take up a bigger role with confidence. I am competent in computer skills that include using Microsoft suite, Lotus Notes, and the internet. I have learned adeptness in developing operation dispatch, process planning, logistic analysis, purchasing and production, and routing.

In addition, I now handle carriers, vendors, packing facilities and trucking companies with the keenness it requires. I have learned the art of effectively accomplishing transportation associated activities, storage, and distribution endeavors including the delivery of IATA and CASS reports. I learned confidence as a facet of my abilities in handling multiple tasks efficiently and maintaining the confidentiality of highly sensitive codes of information. Moreover, issues that deal with certification and legalization. Rate requests and preparation is what I do best and I have a feeling in line with bringing this expertise to your organization and through delivery and execution of my logical and analytical skills, professionalism and excellent organizational skills consistent with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

I will together with teamwork increase customers’ satisfaction and drive economic and regional growth that is achieved by quick and efficient delivery of service. I promise to work towards meeting your institutional mission by delivering customer needs, through effective communication with clients, managers, and fellow workers. Thank you for your review and consideration. Yours faithfully,

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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