Essays on Destination Marketing and Management Theories, Applications in the Tourism Sector Coursework

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The paper "Destination Marketing and Management Theories, Applications in the Tourism Sector" is a perfect example of marketing coursework.   Destination marketing is carrying out promotion across various regions or country with an aim to increase the number of tourists that visits a given area. The destination may also mean the communication made by organizations and individuals from a certain region with the potential visitors to affect the tourist choice of destination. Destination marketing is a major determinant of tourist choice on the places that they visit. Therefore, the management of tourism destination is crucial.

For instance, tourism destination management may include such managerial responsibilities such as business permits, planning of the land use and other regulations that may encourage an increase in tourism. Organizations may, therefore, opt to make developments and adjustments to the daily operations of activities that are of interest to the tourists. A destination is a term that describes the possible places that may be of interest to tourists. Therefore, destination management and marketing should be carried out efficiently for an area to enjoy tourist preferences of the area.

The destination marketing organization is a body that promotes a region to obtain an increase in the number of visitors. Aims and objectives of this case The primary aims and objective of this case are to analyze destination marketing and management theories and their applications in the tourism sector. Moreover, the identification of various ways of tourism destination making is very crucial, and there is a need for its identification. The tourism industry is a competitive sector that needs effective and efficient marketing to remain competitive. This case also aims at identifying ways of making a destination competitive.

This case also discusses the strategic planning and vision in a tourism destination. Strategic planning and vision are the long-term objectives and aims that a region would want to achieve by the choice of tourists to visit the area. DISCUSSION Tourism is an important part of the economic fabric that changes more often. A critical assessment of tourism needs would be necessary for terms of its net contribution to a community. Tourism contributes significantly to the well-being of a community. As part of the community development, residents, therefore, faces some influences caused by tourism hence they play a significant part in the decisions affecting the community development. Therefore, destination marketing and management have been a major focus of particular organizations that are in the tourism sector.

There are various participants in the destination marketing such as the local authorities, local NGO’ s, academia and indigenous representations of various regions. These are the individuals from ‘ Destination Management Organizations’ who concerns themselves with the current tourism requirements for the choice of destination. Tourism is the main driver of the DMO marketing activities since it possesses various changing processes that need consideration now and then.

Tourism, therefore, needs a critical assessment by the DMO team for its maximum contribution to the local community well-being. The Destination Management Organization needs to undertake a careful analysis of the inputs that may be desirable and useful to the tourism attraction. Therefore, it is evident that every community should participate in the provision concerning tourism development in the area.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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