Essays on Factors about the Corporate Culture of PepsiCo's Case Study

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The paper "Factors about the Corporate Culture of PepsiCo's" is a good example of a case study on business. John Compton, the company President, understood the requirement of developing an effectual methodology for attaining a superior competitive position. It is in this regard, an attempt is made to provide appropriate directions to the company in the context of attaining the above-stated objective.   Discussion of the Factors about the Corporate Culture One of the corporate culture factors, which can be apparently observed to prevail within the company, is the failure to realize the need of developing an effective program for attaining significant benefits like competitive position as compared to others.

In this similar concern, the anticipation of losing power as well as authority might be regarded as one of the prime reasons for which the executive staff belonging to the company waited much longer in developing a well-functional methodology of enterprise project management (EPM). Recommendations Project management office (PMO) is generally involved in viewing, handling and controlling various operational as well as non-operational activities of a company (Korbel & Benedict, n.d. ).

In relation to the case, it can be recommended to the company and the President that the PMO must report to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) as compared to others with the aim of attaining the desired outcome i. e. attaining the superior competitive position. This can be justified with reference to the fact that a CIO often gets appointed as the head of PMO in varied organizations depending on desirable qualities and capabilities of conducting a beneficial project. It will be vital to mention in this regard that the work performance of distinct project managers and expert professionals along with their effectiveness towards business growth is judged and reviewed by a CIO.

These might be certain reasons for which the PMO of the company should report to the CIO as compared to other authorized individuals attached to the company (Korbel & Benedict, n.d. ). Specially mentioning, the introduction of a PMO will certainly aid in accelerating the execution procedure of the EMP system, as it follows certain effective guiding principles, which play a decisive part in smoothly conducting a project. It can be apparently observed in the case that a PMO was formed describing five steps, which need to be taken into concern initially for using the EPM system more efficiently.

In this similar context, the first phase denotes organizing generalized meetings encircled with project managers to frame the scope, size and time for the project. The second phase tends to formulate policies, procedures, and guidelines in relation to the project. The third phase represents sorting out effective policies, procedures, and guidelines that are quite essential and effective towards improvising the EPM system.

The fourth phase signifies procuring best practices and informing the management prior to project completion. Finally, the fifth phase in an EPM system would deliver proper education as well as training to the project managers and expertise professionals involved in the project (Oracle, 2014). It will be vital to mention in this regard that it is best to incorporate the above-stated phases rather than passing through other stages because this might lessen the chances of raising complexities in the process. In terms of recommendations, it can be affirmed that it will be best for the company to design an EPM system around flexible elements owing to the reason that the implications of the same can be realized in terms of making effective decisions pertaining to any important operational matter.

Generally, when initially developing an EPM system, companies often prefer to use formality in the design with the aim of conducting varied operational functions by maintaining robustness. In relation to the case, it can be affirmed that an effective EPM system should have the capacity to capture best practices for measuring the viability of the EPM system in long run (Wega, 2007).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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