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Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Affiliation: PROJECT: BUILDING A HOUSE Executive Summary of the ProjectThe project is to construct a three bed roomed house at a budget of $80,000, with 100% of work completion. The internal design with contain two bathtubs, and a state of art (Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) HVAC system. The budget for foundation is $16,800 (24% of work), budget for internal design is $32,000 (45.60% of work), and budget for external is $31,200 (30.40% of work). The house will have two garages, and a family home that meets all the architectural specifications.

There will be a brick exterior and a composite roof at the home. Project Objective To construct a high quality, custom home within six months at a cost of $80,000 List all Major Deliverables 1. Foundation A 1,200-square-foot, 2 bathtubs, 3-bedroom, finished home. There will be an excavation and a steel erection comprising of columns, beams, and joints. 2. Internal Internal structure will comprise of Electricity equipment (rough-in electrical, installation and termination, HVAC equipment), and plumbing. The Kitchen appliances will include range, oven, microwave, and a dishwasher.

There will also be a High-efficiency gas furnace with programmable thermostat. 3. External The external deliverables will comprise of masonry work and building finishes. Milestones The following are the proposed main milestones within the project; Project Start Project authorization - permit approved on April 5 Receive All Parts – Foundation poured on April 14 Dry in. Framing, sheathing, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical inspections passed July 25 All of Procured Project Sections Pass Testing Final Inspection to take place on August 7 Continue with the next phase of construction (Norman et al. , 2008). Technical Requirements The list of technical requirements that need to undergo evaluation for the design and approval of the house are as follows; Home must the minimum requirements as set by the local building code All windows and doors must pass the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) class 40 energy ratings The exterior wall insulation must meet the A factor of 21 The ceiling insulation must meet an R factor 38 The insulation of the floor must meet an R factor 25 The Garage will be large enough to accommodate two large-sized cars The plan must comply with the health, safety and other permits required during construction phase The plan must follow the required quality specifications Limits and exclusions The home will be subject to build to the specifications and design of the original blueprints as provided by the customer. The owner will be responsible for landscaping. Refrigerator is not to include among kitchen appliances. Air conditioning is not to include. The contractor reserves on the right to contract out services. The contractor is responsible for the subcontracted work. Site work limited to Monday through Friday, 7:00 A. M.

to 5:00 P. M. Assumptions The qualified personnel are available at the site of construction; otherwise, training will occur on timely basis Capital for the project is available; otherwise, financing will be feasible All necessary materials are available at the construction site All other resources and tools are available, whenever required Significance of the project I choose this project because I have more ideas about it since I am building my own house.

I know much more about building a house than the other topics. Building a house project is not work related. I like participating in building my own house by following the project and going on the construction site to make sure it is what I really want to get at the end of the project.

This way, I can also have an eye on the budget and the expenses and make sure that my money will be subject to used only for the house, and that all material would be of good quality. Proposed approach Putting the client’s preference in mind, the project will construct a house that suits and satisfies these client’s requirements. The project will work closely with the client and balance with the construction standards in all phases of construction.

The many other subsystems will be subject to procure in accordance to the requirements while keeping in mind the constraints that might occur. Schedules Considering the WBS as the base, the project network that consists the 1st level sub-deliverables will be subject to create. The duration of the sub-deliverables involved currently bases on the assumptions, thus making all activities within the project network to appear as being a critical path. Once the construction of the house is complete, durations that are more accurate will be subject to measure, followed by adjusting the project network in accordance to the identity of the critical path.

The personnel The house construction is project-base structured. In this regard, the General Manager will be subject to appoint to run the activities of the project exclusively. All the remaining personnel involved in the entire project will be reporting directly or indirectly to the General Manager. Three managers are subject to appoint to run the project in accordance to the tasks required; the engineering manager, production manager, and the procurement manager.

There will be additional two design engineers, then one mechanical technician, one electrical technician, and finally one welding technician. a) The organization Breakdown Structure Resources All the necessary resources are subject to allocate in accordance to the WBS. Each task will be subject to assign to the necessary resources. Evaluation methods The section provides description on the methods of conducting project evaluation, details on methodology, the instruments, and the protocols used. The quality of project deliverables will be subject to judge against the strict rules to guarantee on the project’s success.

Reference Norman, E. S., Brotherton, S. A., & Fried, R. T. (2008). Work breakdown structures: The foundation for project management excellence. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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