Essays on Creative and Innovative Management Processes in an Organization Assignment

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The paper "Creative and Innovative Management Processes in an Organization" is a perfect example of a management assignment.   The intense global competition, the emergence of the knowledge economy as well as considerable technological advancements has made innovation to be a central point of competitiveness (Lawson & Samson 2001). Most organizations take on the handy model of innovation suggested by Luecke and Katz 2003, the model highlights two major stages and this includes invention as well as exploitation. The invention stages encompass aspects such as the idea generation, idea evaluation and opportunity recognition, the other stages which encompass development in addition to commercialization are grouped under the exploitation concept.

This is clearly shown the diagram below A good example of a creative and innovative management process is that of Jack Cohen the founder of Tesco. He started his business in a stall and after some period the idea of merging with other businesses cropped up. This led to a very good opportunity which he utilized and became a partner of the TE Stockwell and he later launched his business and called it Tesco.

He also foresaw an opportunity to expand his business and thus purchased a parcel of land and stores and implemented his ideas when new opportunities arose. How to lead others to positively embrace innovation and change To be successful when it comes to leading others in positively embracing innovation and change, there are various practices that one need to emphasize on to ensure that those working under them adapt to change in the most effective manner. Leaders, therefore, ought to make sure that the innovation champions in the organization have adequate information when it comes to various types of change and innovation that are being used by other organization all over the globe.

This will enable them to e in the frontline when it comes to innovation change. It can also be noted that a great number of organization managers are risk-averse and this usually makes it difficult for them to adopt any change in the most effective manner. Additionally, a great number of the middle-level managers are usually busy during their allocated tasks and this plays a vital role in limiting the manager’ s ability to implement any incoming change.

Thus leaders in the organization need to ensure that they reduce the risks associated with change and this will enable the mangers working under them to become innovative. Therefore, leaders need to ensure that they set up incentives for the managers to ensure that they make use of innovative attitudes. By doing so the organization stands a better and ready opportunity which is usually associated with innovation (Oswald 2011). Task 2 2.1 Influence of vision and mission on the generation of creative and innovative management processes in an organization Vision and mission statements of the organization play a crucial role when it comes to the generation of creative as well as innovative management processes in organizations.

Therefore leaders in organizations need to establish organizations with a clear set of objectives. Therefore, organizations should always define their mission and vision in the most effective manner thus ensuring that it meets their reasons for their existence. As a matter of fact, the visions and missions act as the catalyst by enabling organizations to adapt to innovation and change in their respective industry (Oswald 2011).

The different types of innovation take a considerable amount of time before they generate revenue for the company. Therefore, the organizations need to ensure that they focus on creating a good reputation with the aim of acquiring a large customer base. Leaders in organizations need to come up with a way in which the mission, vision and strategies can be communicated to others in the organizations with great reference being made to the long-term goals of a company. Therefore, the strategies, mission and vision play a crucial role in enabling the manager to build an effective relationship with their employees and thus they cat as a motivation factor for the employees.

Therefore, leaders in organizations need to monitor their vision and mission so as to determine if they align with the innovative strategies of the organization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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