Essays on Creative Intelligence and Leadership: Baderman Island Resort Essay

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The paper "Creative Intelligence and Leadership: Baderman Island Resort" is an excellent example of an essay on business. Successful people are ambitious and make significant discoveries through willing to take risks. I prefer situations where discovering new ideas and trying new approaches are encouraged. Being a manager of this prestigious resort, I aim at achieving results depending on being responsive and using my own ideas as well as those others. People see me as direct in my approach to innovation and disciplined on my course. Therefore, when I was introduced to this goal of making Baderman Island Resort a destination palace, I took it with confidence.

It’ s evident that people who make things happen to introduce change. In this case, I see the future of Baderman being brighter than the stars. By changing the advertising strategy of this resort my aim is using social networks and both local and international newspapers. Through this means, we will achieve maximum publicity which in turn will produce maximum numbers of visits. Accomplished organizations accomplish important goals by trying new approaches. Personally, I aim at making this resort the most organized in the world.

Consequently, the organization of staff will enable a quick response, therefore, leading to efficient services. It is important to note that people admire efficient services and therefore by taking advantage of that fact, we will attract a good number of customers. In conclusion, my final push will be breaking with tradition, I assume responsibility by allowing freedom of expression; this is because I believe in support from the members of staff and recognizing original ideas. Furthermore, I communicate best by giving instructions and also allowing corrections from my juniors.

Therefore, by working as a group, we will surely accomplish the objections set by Baderman Island Resort.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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