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Criminal Justice Ethics of the Business of the Concerned May 28, Criminal Justice Ethics The criminal justice situation under consideration is fraught with multiple possibilities and is open to diverse approaches towards ethics. Yet, there is no denying the fact that the steps taken as a responsible law enforcement officer in the given situation should not only be ethically correct and justifiable, but must also corroborate to the demands of reason and common sense. A Relativist approach towards the given issue motivates me to challenge my partner regarding what happened in the interview room (Blackburn, 2003, p.

17). Such a decision would certainly have been in consonance with my beliefs, value system and feelings (Blackburn, 203, p. 17). Though the two young juveniles are guilty no doubt, but still they are children and deserve all the consideration and care extended to them by the statutory norms and set legal procedures. Besides, irrespective of my conviction in their guilty status, things could have been the other way round, and being juvenile, they may have confessed to committing the crime owing to the pressure placed on them by my partner.

However, I share an equal status with my partner and I am not his superior, so he is not accountable to me. Challenging him openly will give way to a situation, regarding which I am not empowered to handle it. Hence, challenging my partner is not a viable course of action. In the context of ethical egoism, it would be in my best interest to complete the paperwork and document the confessions (Blackburn, 2005, p. 75). Any way I am sure that the two young men are guilty.

Cracking this case will bring ample departmental and social appreciation for me and my friend. Besides, the victim will get justice and the guilty will get punished. Also, the community will get rid of two criminals. However, this approach will deprive the accused of their rights. Besides, the victim is still in coma, and in case she gains consciousness and absolves the two juveniles, it will place me and my partner in a tough situation. Perhaps, in consonance with Ethical Realism, I may opt for a choice that involves lesser evil (Blackburn 2003). The other possible way out is to report the incident to the district attorney.

Challenging my partner or reporting the incident to my supervisor will enervate my partner against me. Besides, if I report the incident to the local newspapers, it will bring immense flack to the police services and will demolish the career of my partner. It will also make me the most unpopular officer in the police services. However, if I report this incident to the attorney, it will enable me to protect the rights of all the involved parties.

Yet, this is again not a commonsensical choice because it will amount to a direct violation of the established chain of command on my part. The best way out will be to seek a Utilitarian solution that will best promote the interests of all the people concerned (Blackburn, 2003, p. 75). Hence the best choice is to report the incident to my supervisor. First, it will be in consonance with the established departmental norms. Second it will protect the rights of the acquitted and the victim.

Thirdly, it will protect the interests of my partner as the supervisor will most probably order him to follow the established procedure, without resorting to any harsh measures. Hence, in the given scenario, I am going to report the incident to my supervisor. References Blackburn, Simon. (2003). Ethics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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