Essays on Crisis Communication Plan for Seaniwa Textile Industry Limited Case Study

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The paper "Crisis Communication Plan for Seaniwa Textile Industry Limited" is a wonderful example of a case study on management. A company’ s image and reputation is the most important thing. It is also just as sensitive and can easily be damaged. A crisis can be defined as a situation that could threaten the integrity as well as the reputation of an organization whether it is big or small, in most cases hastened by the media’ s negative or diverse intentions. The crisis could be brought about by legal issues, natural as well as manmade disasters.

The main problem now comes when the company, in the eyes of the public or the media, is not doing much to change the situation. Crisis communication is when a company needs to communicate to the public about the crisis. Since a crisis occurs unexpectedly, it could harm the reputation and credibility of the company, and defending it becomes the number one priority. It is the duty of professionals in the crisis communications department to ensure that the right procedures are followed to keep the company’ s reputation and credibility intact.

In an event of a crisis, the media can engulf the organization to successfully respond to the crisis’ demands. Murrell suggests that for a company to maintain its credibility, it must predict every move and confidently respond with immediate effect. This is made possible if the company employs experienced specialists in crisis communication. It will require more than the public relations department. The company should include individuals like the CEO, vice president of the company, Head of Public Relations, a senior manager from a department in charge of the field involved in the crisis, and the company lawyer.

An eye witness could also come in handy in shedding some light on the situation. A crisis communication plan not only helps the company avoid situations that could injure the reputation of the company but also helps guide the company on the right steps to take to tackle the situation. It is a holistic process that is followed by the company to minimize damage to their image. Aims and objectives of a crisis communication planThe aim of this plan is to enable the company to handle a crisis in the right manner should it occur.

It also helps the company to avoid a crisis.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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