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IntroductionThe Ministry of health (MOH) overseas the formulation and implementation of health care policies and programs, management of clinics and hospitals, and certification and control of drugs in the country. The ministry, which is subdivided into several sectors, division, and department that are defined by their specialty, is headed my the Minister of Health. The ministry controls matters pertaining to health in all the seven states of the United Arab Emirates, which include Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Al Fujayrah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Qaiwaini. It should be understood that communication procedures and command chains are clearly defined to guide the ministry during normal operations in pursuit of its goals while maintaining professionalism and efficiency.

Nonetheless, in time of crisis, these guidelines may be ineffective, inappropriate, or, inapplicable. Therefore, a plan to deal with emergencies and controversies, and to ensure that there is proper coordination among the seven states is vital. The Ministry recognizes that without such a plan, an emergency situation or controversial issue could cause permanent damage to the ministry, the government and the entire nation.

The MOH could suffer copious losses and severely dent its image and reputation to the government and the public it serves. Furthermore, these consequences might result to a weak relationship with the international community. The aims and objectives of the plan should be, therefore, to ensure such damages are averted. Aim and objectivesThe aim of this crisis communication plan is to aid the ministry including the staff, directors, the minister, and the government in making decisions or coming to conclusions that are sensible during time of an emergency and/or a controversy affecting the ministry of health of the United Arabs Emirates.

It significant to note that this plan would only be effected in the event of a crisis. Moreover, it should guide and help decision (Colorado Nonprofit Association 2006) makers in guaranteeing continuation of different services and activities provided by the ministry and the government, and ensure that the vision, mission and the goals of ministry are preserved. The vision, mission and the goals of the United Arabs Emirates’ Ministry of Health are precise. The vision of the ministry is to improve the health status as well as minimize the inequalities in medical outcomes of every person living in any of the United Arabs Emirates states.

The mission is to work hand in hand with all parties in ensuring that all community and households in United Arabs Emirates are sufficiently informed of the health issues and have easy access to quality health care and services. The aim, therefore, is to work in collaboration with all stakeholders for equality and proper health for every person in United Arabs Emirates. The crisis communication policy, in effect, is formulated within the boundaries of these guidelines, and is meant to strengthen compliment them.

The policy on crisis communicationsIn time of crisis, it is very sensitive the way matters are handled (Dodson 1992); proper coordination and handling of matters concerning the ministry of health is, in this regard, very vital. Therefore, it important for everyone in the ministry to note and uphold the following guidelines that are helpful in working around a crisis:

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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